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Giraffes Can’t Dance Art Lesson

Who says giraffes can’t dance? According to my first grade students, they not only dance, but sway, gyrate and hip-hop.... View Article




Giraffes Can’t Dance Art Lesson & Drawing Video

Based on the popular book, Giraffes Can't Dance kids learn to draw a dancing giraffe and create a moonlit sky. This was one of my first art lessons posted on the blog (all the way back in 2008!) and the popularity of this cute project has continue to increase over the years. Watching the drawing video really helps break down the steps for you so you can teach this guided drawing to children as young as seven. You have the option of using markers or if it feels better, pencil, then marker. The best part of this lesson is that once the children draw their first giraffe, they are unstoppable! You'll have dancing giraffes everywhere! This lesson is perfect for grades 1-4, with second grade being the optimal age group for this drawing and painting project.

Sketchbook Project #6: Line Drawings

The Sketchbook Project is a record of how my sixth grade students used sketchbooks during their art class to record art information and create... View Article

Art & Literature Bundled Art Pack

Literature is my favorite art room resource and inspiration. Looking through picture books and designing art activities that my students love is what got me through my first few years of teaching and is what still inspires me today.  And it seems as though Art & Literature projects are what you love, too. They continue to be my best selling lessons and most requested lesson ideas. So after many request, I put together this Bundled Art & Literature package just for you...

This Art & Lit Package is designed to enhance your classroom art activity and provide connections through art-making. Children will learn how to draw through guided and observation drawing techniques, paint with watercolors and tempera paint and create colorful paper art.

Art and Literature

  I love using picture books as inspiration for children’s art projects. Over the past 13 years I have curated... View Article

My Adventures with Paper Mache

If there were a prize for the best art genre for kids, I’m pretty sure Paper Mache would get the... View Article


Painted Elephant Art Lesson

Here is an easy drawing and painting lesson of an elephant that allows for unlimited expression. You’ll need: 12″ x... View Article


Drawing Animals Art Lesson Plans

Drawing Animals is a 17-page art booklet designed for grades one through six. The booklet includes how-to-draw handouts, full-photo tutorials... View Article

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