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Giraffes Can’t Dance Art Lesson

Giraffes Can’t Dance Art Lesson

By on Jun 6, 2015 | 25 comments

Who says giraffes can’t dance? According to my first grade students, they not only dance, but sway, gyrate and hip-hop. Based on the book of the same name, the lesson was done in two, 40-minute sessions. Supplies for Giraffe 12″ x 18″ white sulphite paper Pencil/eraser Brown, orange, yellow and black broad-tip Crayola markers Scissors Supplies for Background Plastic cup and pencil Palette of green, yellow,white, purple and blue tempera paint 12″ x 18″ white sulphite paper Drawing the Giraffe I used a directed line instruction for the giraffe drawing and gave the children options for creating their own unique movements. Use pencils. It’s a hard drawing and the kids will get frustrated if they can’t erase. Keep the lesson simple. Concentrate on the big shapes (big circle for the belly, skinny rectangles for legs, etc.) Color the giraffes using yellow or orange broad-tip markers (I like Crayola Washable) then add spots and marks using a brown or black marker. Finally, cut the giraffe drawing out. This takes a bit of time but let the children at least start so they can practice this skill. If they don’t finish in a reasonable amount of time, cut the rest out for them. This way, all the children will be at the same place for the next class. Tip: Make sure to put the student’s name on the back of the cut-out giraffe! Painting the moonlit sky Using a plastic cup, the kids traced a big circle for the moon. Mixing the blue and purple paint directly onto the paper, the kids used big sweeping brush strokes to paint the sky. Start from the bottom (about a third of the way up) and paint towards the moon, being careful not to paint inside the circle shape. Next, the kids painted the moon using white paint. They painted in a circular motion, starting in the center and moving outwards until they touched the blue paint. I encouraged the kids to paint over the blue, so the white and blue sky would mix. Finally, the kids painted the grass yellow, waited 30 seconds, then painted over the yellow with green paint. Using the ends of their brushes, the kids etched grass into the...

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Giraffes Can’t Dance Art Lesson & Drawing Video

Giraffes Can’t Dance Art Lesson & Drawing Video

By on Jun 1, 2015 | 0 comments

Based on the popular book, Giraffes Can’t Dance kids learn to draw a dancing giraffe and create a moonlit sky. This was one of my first art lessons posted on the blog (all the way back in 2008!) and the popularity of this cute project has continue to increase over the years.

Watching the drawing video really helps break down the steps for you so you can teach this guided drawing to children as young as seven. You have the option of using markers or if it feels better, pencil, then marker.

The best part of this lesson is that once the children draw their first giraffe, they are unstoppable! You’ll have dancing giraffes everywhere!

This lesson is perfect for grades 1-4, with second grade being the optimal age group for this drawing and painting project.

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Colorwheel Giraffe

Colorwheel Giraffe

By on Nov 10, 2014 | 0 comments

Need a lesson that teaches young children the rules of color mixing? Children learn to draw a simple giraffe then use the primary colors as a base for this colorful painting project.

Using just 3 art supplies (pastel, paper and paint) this lesson can’t get any easier.  Watch the video and learn the color-mixing technique yourself or play the video in your classroom. Either way, your students will enjoy the unlimited color options available to them.

The lesson plan will walk you through the set-up, collecting of art supplies and how to time the lesson so one child or a group of children can be successful in this creative art-making project.

The video speaks directly to the child. Play in your classroom through your iPad or laptop or at home on any computer or tablet.

This lesson is perfect for: Grades 1-3 (ages 6-9)

License: Single Use

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Sketchbook Project #6: Line Drawings

Sketchbook Project #6: Line Drawings

By on Jan 10, 2016 | 5 comments

The Sketchbook Project is a record of how my sixth grade students used sketchbooks during their art class to record art information and create projects. Learn how I used sketchbooks instead of individual sheets of paper to teach art & creativity. Week One: The Beginning Week Two: Creating Value Week Three: Atmospheric Perspective Week Four: Tree Line Drawings Week Five: Sonia Delaunay Abstract Art Week Six: Portrait Journalling Before I get into the project, this is a good time to point out the importance of creating a project calendar. There will be some projects you teach that will consume a lot of time both in demonstrating the lesson and the actual art-making process. Try to balance simple projects with the multi-step projects (like last week’s portrait journalling). You all know that some kids will finish a project in the time allotted while others won’t. Easier projects like this one, offers kids a chance to catch up. All this project requires is the sketch pad, some markers and colored pencils. That’s it! You’ll need to find two or three simple, graphic drawings for the kids to use as drawing prompts. I took an old zentangle hand project I did many moons ago plus this giraffe I found through Pinterest. The kids loved these images and dove into the project. PATTERN IDEA DOWNLOADS You’ll want to demonstrate some lines and pattern ideas for the kids on the white board, just to get their drawings started, or you can download a few free patterns from sources on the internet. DRAWING INSTRUCTIONS I  didn’t go into very much detail with drawing instructions. These are 6th grade kids who pretty much know what they want to do and how they want to proceed. If you have never down the hand drawing before, it’s super easy. Kids place their non-dominant hand on the paper and trace around the hand with a marker. Then, draw a rainbow/echo line around the hand contour. I find that this border separates the hand from the pattern detailing that will come later. After the hand or the giraffe’s head/neck are drawn, the kids use their imaginations and creativities to draw shapes, lines and patterns. The only rule is to NOT draw a scenic background. COLORING I must admit that last year I was able to splurge...

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Art & Literature Bundled Art Pack

Art & Literature Bundled Art Pack

By on Jun 6, 2015 | 0 comments

Literature is my favorite art room resource and inspiration. Looking through picture books and designing art activities that my students love is what got me through my first few years of teaching and is what still inspires me today. 

And it seems as though Art & Literature projects are what you love, too. They continue to be my best selling lessons and most requested lesson ideas. So after many request, I put together this Bundled Art & Literature package just for you…

This Art & Lit Package is designed to enhance your classroom art activity and provide connections through art-making. Children will learn how to draw through guided and observation drawing techniques, paint with watercolors and tempera paint and create colorful paper art.

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Art School for Kids: Second Grade

Art School for Kids: Second Grade

By on Aug 2, 2014 | 0 comments

Are School for Kids Second Grade Curriculum is available for purchase!

The Art School for Kids Second Grade Program introduces more complex art techniques and concepts through fun and engaging lessons.  Literature tie-in’s, introductions to contemporary artists and a a trip back in time is the focus of this skill-building art curriculum.

Six complete lesson plans accompany child-focused videos that will guide children yet offer endless options for personal creativity.


Supply list

“I can” objectives

Teacher tips

Timeline and set-up tips

About the artist bio

About the book tie-in

Full-color, photo-tutorial detailing how children (not adults!) created their art

Grade level gallery

Handouts (if necessary)


The videos talk directly to the child and guide them through steps to create beautiful pieces of art. The lessons go beyond guided-drawings and offer inspiration, choices and ideas to create a piece unique to the artist.

Each video is offered as a high resolution download or a small resolution streaming options. The videos can be downloaded permanently or accessed through the membership site.

Access to the videos is permanent. No expiration.

Access to Art School for Kids: Access to Art School for Kids can be obtained by signing in with your Deep Space Sparkle user name and password.  Click on Art School for Kids in the homepage (bookmarking this page is helpful) then proceed to click on the grade level lessons you wish to view. You will not have access to the lessons unless you log into your DSS account.

You can download the videos and lesson plans to your computer for access without internet.

You will be issued one login per Art School for Kids grade level option. Each grade level option purchase is intended for one teacher/parent

If you would like to request a generic login (perhaps your school name and password), please use the ‘contact us’ form at the bottom of the page.


We don’t accept purchase orders for this grade-level product.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

We accept Pay Pal and Credit Cards for immediate access.


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