How to Teach Line & Pattern | Elements and Principles of Design

Line is one of the first elements of art that sets the foundation for art making in elementary school. Teaching children about line empowers them to see how simple lines... Learn More

Peter Rabbit Watercolor Project

I love The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. I was inspired by her beautiful watercolor illustrations to create this easy project for spring. The best part? The technique... Learn More



Bird in a Cherry Tree Art Project

This project has been one of my personal favorites for a very long time. It was the first project I did that made me aware of how powerful collage and... Learn More

Chinese New Year 2022 | Year of the Tiger Art Project

Teaching students about cultures around the world can help bring them perspective and an expanded world-view. This bright and lively tiger art lesson also offers students an additional opportunity to... Learn More

Penguin At Night Art Project

Penguins are a popular request in first and second grade. Students study Antarctica and are quite familiar with penguins and their habitat. Once students see how easily they can draw... Learn More



Cozy Hibernating Bear Using Tempera Paint and Simple Materials

Who doesn’t love snuggling up on a chilly winter night? As the days start to get shorter and colder, this hibernating bear will have you dreaming of cozy winter nights... Learn More

Advanced Texture Turkey | Seasonal Watercolor Project for Older Students

When you think of turkey art projects, your mind probably goes straight to sweet, plump turkeys with a brightly colored swath of feathers surrounding their bodies. Those lessons are great... Learn More

Line and Pattern Cat

Starting the school year with a line drawing is one of the best ways to gauge the attention level of you class and create a beautiful and expressive piece of... Learn More


Jeff Koon’s Inspired Paper Balloon Dog

This fun art project was inspired by artist Jeff Koons’ iconic Balloon Dog series. Students will create their own brightly colored balloon dog from a series of traced ovals and... Learn More




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