Clay Turtle Project

I’m always looking for simple ceramic lessons for my students. I vary the complexities of the lessons according to grade levels, starting with pinch pots in the lower grades and... Learn More

Buffalo Painting Art Project

The paintings in the book, Paintings of the American West, depict the lives of Native Americans, complete with beautiful sunsets, buffalo hunts and vast plains. As part of my unit... Learn More


Painted Pigs Art Project

Simple. Cute. Fun. What more could you want from a first grade art lesson?  Last year I did a watercolor pig art project and couldn’t resist doing it again. This... Learn More


Peacock Art Project for First Grade

Peacocks are truly glorious. I saw one roaming around on a recent trip to Maui. Just sauntering along…not a care in the world. I experimented a bit with this lesson... Learn More


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Sock Monkey Art Lesson

Aren’t these the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? I spotted a Sock Monkey Calendar at a bookstore and knew the colorful photographs would make an outstanding art lesson. I mean... Learn More




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Big Fat Hen: Chalk and Oil Pastel Drawing

A trip to the library last fall yielded a plethora of art ideas. Keith Baker’s Big Fat Hen is filled with fabulous illustrations. Colorful, vibrant, detailed and adorable. Perfect for... Learn More


Old Bear: Leaf Print and Bear Painting

While looking through the library one afternoon, I stumbled across Kevin Henkes’s picture book, Old Bear. The illustrations inspired me to create a combination bear painting and leaf print art... Learn More


Tortuga Time

Based on the book “Manana Iguana” by Ann Whitford Paul, this adorable collage lesson is perfect for little kinders. Children learn how to draw Tortuga the Turtle as drawn in... Learn More


Line Drawing Art Lessons: Turtles

Line drawings are a super easy way to start off your art curriculum. I usually do some type of line drawing with all my grade levels at the beginning of... Learn More


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