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Sometimes children need a moment free of instruction, standards and expectations. When I first did this project many moons ago, I recognized the importance of stepping back a bit and offering my students a chance to create freely.

I found myself in the common situation when children needed to finish up a 3-part watercolor project. Many students were close to finishing and would have over 30 minutes in which to do free choice.

I decided that instead of offering free choice, they could create a winter cabin or holiday scene of their choosing using the materials I offered in the back of the room.

I suggested houses, trees, snowmen…anything quick and easy.


Holiday Collage Project using simple supplies | Deep Space Sparkle

On the back table, I set out two trays of scrap paper filled with small pieces of painted paper, craft paper and colored construction paper.

I offered 2 different sizes and shades of blue 9″ x 12″ construction paper. On the same table I placed my bowls of scissors, glue sticks and colored markers. You can optionally place paper punches if you have them and a few sheets of glitter paper.

On another table, I set out 3 tubs of white liquid tempera paint with brushes. They would come back to this table to add the finishing touches of snow.

Children selected their choice, gathered some supplies and went back to their art station to create what they wish.



The only rule I imposed was they needed to finish up their regular art project, clean up their supplies and then they could move onto the collage. A few children opted not to do a holiday theme, but most did. Some children asked for help with roofs or doors, but most worked diligently and happily on their art.

How to make a winter holiday cabin in the woods | Art Project for Kids

This project took 1 session @ 30-minutes.

Because so many of you need a quick project in your back pocket for all of those disrupted schedules during the holidays, I wanted to show you the basic steps of creating a winter cabin.

How to Make a Winter Cabin

How to make a winter cabin Art Project | Deep Space Sparkle

Start with a variety of paper as listed above. Use a smaller size base paper if you are really crunched for time.

Start with 2 rectangles or squares to make the base of the cabin plus the roof. Cut smaller papers into windows, a door and a chimney. A tall rectangle folded in half can be cut into a beautiful evergreen tree.

Use a paper or hole punch to create decorations for the trees or stars or snowflakes for the sky.

How to make a winter holiday cabin in the woods | Art Project for Kids

This is a great time to use any embellishments you might have in your art cupboard. I found some unused Washi tape and a few decorative paper punches that made pretty roof decorations.

Using a black marker or paint pens if you have them, outline the windows, doors, chimney and add decorative patterns to the roof.

How to make a winter holiday cabin in the woods | Art Project for Kids

This will certainly be the most popular part of the project and it really does act as a catalyst for children completing their projects so they can add this final flourish.

Add a small amount of water to liquid tempera paint. There is no exact ratio as all tempera paints differ in consistency. So you must try it out. You want the paint to be thick enough to create a blanket of snow on the bottom, but thin enough to tap onto project to make fluffy snowflakes.

Sometimes kids figure this out on their own (all the better) and add a bit of water to their brush for splattering the paint onto their art.

If you are worried about making a mess, check out how to make a splatter box. It’s worth the 5 minute time investment!

How to make a winter holiday cabin in the woods | Art Project for Kids


An easy holiday art and craft project for kids that uses paint and scrap paper.

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How to make a winter holiday cabin in the woods | Art Project for Kids

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  • Denise

    open-ended indeed.. not everything has to be a choice… at least one.

  • Mo


  • Kate wood

    So sweet. Great lesson to use on an early release day before the Holidays!

  • Lora Foster-Cave

    Love this project– I don’t have a collection of painted papers built up yet, but was able to do this project with paint sticks (Kwik Stix) for fast drying, and tempera paint sponged on at painting stations. First project that my 1st graders have ever come close to completing in one class period (30 minutes)! And they look beautiful <3

  • Rachel Stafford


  • Rachel Stafford


  • Amber Elsesser

    Looks like a really bright, cute art project. I do something similar but with many houses. I’ll try this because it’s faster and easier, especially for the younger students. Thank you.

  • Jody Dragon

    Thank you for showing some examples of young children’s artwork in the gallery. I feel defeated when I see perfect projects that our artwork doesn’t compare to.

  • Magda

    Deep space sparkle has some of the most creative and interesting projects I’ve ever seen.

  • Cheryl Williams

    What is used to make the thin white deatils? Can you recommned a brand of white paint marker??

  • Merryl Cronrod

    I love this project and the book recommendation!

  • Anthony Shelton

    Excellent idea for primary aged school learners. Gives students an opportunity to use multiple wet and dry art mediums.

  • maryfedor

    I did this with a dual language Kindergarten class. They loved it!

  • Jill Ketterhagen

    super cute!

  • Caryn

    So nice to have a quick open ended winter project for those last days prior to winter break! Thanks for the great project idea!!

  • Sandra Treco

    I Love it! ❤️

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