Sale! Single Art Videos for a limited time…

Art school for kids individual art videos on sale

When I designed Art School for Kids, it was with the intention to create a series of online art videos that parents, classroom teachers and volunteers could access and show to their children without much effort on their end. I was super happy with the launch. There are schools all across the country that have registered their teachers and parents for access to the program. Then, the requests started to trickle … Read More →

Holiday Gifts for the Young Artist

Deep Space Sparkle's collection of holiday gift reccommendations for the young artist

Wondering what to give your art-loving niece? Or son who loves to draw? A walk down any craft aisle will yields lots of wonderful art activity packs. All are good choices as there is nothing a child loves more than to open up a box and seeing hundreds of pencils, pastels and crayons. Although, sometimes these art packs aren’t the best quality. What I love about customizing art gifts is that … Read More →

To Spray or Not To Spray…


Chalk pastels are one of my most favorite products to use. They are so easy to prep: just haul from a drawer or cupboard and place on the tables. No one can argue with that! I think using chalk as a medium is frightening for some because of the dust and the difficulties little kids have with applying the chalk in a neat manner. Truth is, it’s very hard to … Read More →

Teaching Art at Home Part III: Art Supplies


The third in my series, Teaching Art at Home. Click here for Part I and Part II I’m going to tackle one of the most basic problems with teaching art when you are a non-artist: Art Supplies. I remember when I first began teaching, I was asked to teach 7 grade levels and had one week to order art supplies and develop an art curriculum. Do you know what gave … Read More →

Teaching Art at Home: Part II The Set-Up


This is my second installation in the series, Teaching Art at Home. Click here to read Part 1 and here for Part III I remember when my children were young and I set up an outdoor art studio: rolls of newsprint, tubs of paint, texture tools, etc. I dreamed of my children creating, painting, exploring and then running off to Michaels to frame the resulting masterpieces. Um, not what happened. The … Read More →

Teaching Art at Home: Part I


Over the years, I have received many emails from home-schooling parents wondering how to incorporate my art lessons into their home-school curriculum. The questions range from which art supplies to use to how to adapt a lesson for different ages. I don’t have any experience as a home-school parent so I have always been reluctant to offer advice. But I got thinking and asking (thanks to my DSS Facebook group!) … Read More →

My Back-to-School Art Supply Order


Ordering art supplies just might be the most exciting of all my tasks. Nothing evokes stronger back-to-school memories than opening a pack of Crayola crayons and breathing in their waxy aroma. Ahhh….can you smell them? As an art teacher, that particular memory is compounded by the purchase of paints, pastels and other lovely stuff. I get asked (quite often, actually) what brands I like, what brushes I buy, what paper … Read More →


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