To Spray or Not To Spray…


Chalk pastels are one of my most favorite products to use. They are so easy to prep: just haul from a drawer or cupboard and place on the tables. No one can argue with that! I think using chalk as a medium is frightening for some because of the dust and the difficulties little kids have with applying the chalk in a neat manner. Truth is, it’s very hard to … Read More →

Teaching Art at Home Part III: Art Supplies


The third in my series, Teaching Art at Home. Click here for Part I and Part II I’m going to tackle one of the most basic problems with teaching art when you are a non-artist: Art Supplies. I remember when I first began teaching, I was asked to teach 7 grade levels and had one week to order art supplies and develop an art curriculum. Do you know what gave … Read More →

Teaching Art at Home: Part II The Set-Up


This is my second installation in the series, Teaching Art at Home. Click here to read Part 1 and here for Part III I remember when my children were young and I set up an outdoor art studio: rolls of newsprint, tubs of paint, texture tools, etc. I dreamed of my children creating, painting, exploring and then running off to Michaels to frame the resulting masterpieces. Um, not what happened. The … Read More →

Teaching Art at Home: Part I


Over the years, I have received many emails from home-schooling parents wondering how to incorporate my art lessons into their home-school curriculum. The questions range from which art supplies to use to how to adapt a lesson for different ages. I don’t have any experience as a home-school parent so I have always been reluctant to offer advice. But I got thinking and asking (thanks to my DSS Facebook group!) … Read More →



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Welcome to DSS. I'm an art teacher to 400 elementary kids in Goleta, California. This is where you will find a library of art lessons, handy PDF lesson plans and resources to make teaching art to kids a whole lot easier.
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