Fairy Tale Kings and Queens Art Project

Fairy-tale-royals art lesson

Continuing along with my Fairy Tale Royals art unit, fourth grade students used the classic double-loading paintbrush technique and drawing with black paint to create these stunning Fairy Tale Royals. Starting Off To begin, hand each student a piece of 12″ x 18″ white drawing/construction paper. Place small tubs of black liquid tempera paint (mixed with a bit of water) and small tipped brushes on each table. For a table of … Read More →

Watercolor Castle Art Project


My Kinder students joined in on the fairy tale fun by learning how to turn lines and shapes into a castle. By combining squares, rectangles, triangle and a few half circles, Kinders created their very own castle. You don’t need many supplies; a 12″ x 18″ piece of regular drawing paper, some liquid watercolors and some oil pastels. I like to start the drawing with a simple line. Children select … Read More →

Fairy Tale Castles Art Project

kingdom castles

Castles are a sure thing in the art room. Every grade level loves to make castles and I often do a castle project with my fourth grade students. But this time, I wanted an easy, two-lesson project better suited for my second grade students. The castle project from Knights and Castles Things to Make and Do (Activity Books) was a great place to start.  Instead of the 3-D castle illustrated in … Read More →

Princess and the Pea Art Lesson

Princess and the Pea art

Here is a great lesson that uses oil pastels/crayons and watercolor for a classic resist lesson. Very easy to draw, this Princess and The Pea project can be achieved in two, 45-minute class sessions. This project was inspired by a Princess and the Pea art project on the Easely Amused website, a children’s art workshop in Mississippi. They have great lesson ideas, so check it out! You’ll need the following supplies: 12″ … Read More →

Fairy Tale Royal Kinder Portraits

Royal kinders

My Kinder students created adorable kinder portraits with an added twist…crowns! It gave me the opportunity to break out my jars of glitter and allow my smallest students to express themselves through line and color (and a bit of sparkle!). Drawing the Portraits The process is pretty simple and requires few art supplies. Give each student a piece of white regular drawing paper (Sulphite Construction paper) and a pre-cut crown. … Read More →

How to Draw a Castle


This lesson has been quite rewarding for my fourth grade classes. Looking at a pictures of detailed castles with bricks, battlements, turrets and doors can be overwhelming, especially if you are expected to draw one. I found the perfect solution. Borrowing a tip from my How To Draw a Barn lesson, I cut small rectangular shapes from tagboard. Small squares provide the perfect template for the center section of the castle. While … Read More →

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