James Rizzi Birds Art Lesson

Artist James Rizzi has been providing my art students with fabulous inspiration this Fall. After finishing another James Rizzi art lesson before class was over, some students continued on the... Learn More

Watercolor “Shape” Birds for Kinder

Is there anything more adorable than watching little kids paint? Only if it’s watercolor paint! The brushes might be the smallest these five-year-olds have ever worked with and I sense... Learn More


Oil Pastel Owl Art Lesson

It’s no secret that I love owls. Kids do, too. For this owl art lesson, I gave my sixth grade students a few “owl” options: a realistic owl, a whimsical... Learn More


Chalk Bird Art Project

Chalk pastels give the dramatic color intensity of tempera or acrylic paint with almost no prep time. Chalk gets a bad rap as being too messy. For the little ones,... Learn More


Watercolor Birds Art Video

My second-grade students completed these simple oil pastel resist birds in one 45-minute class. It’s a pretty simple lesson… no-fuss bird drawing using oil pastel then paint with liquid watercolors.... Learn More

Parrot Art Projects

Tropical Birds are a wonderful way to teach a variety of lessons: color wheel basics, color mixing, drawing techniques. Parrots are an art room staple. They are easy to draw and... Learn More


Ceramic Turkey Bowls

I search for as many clay project ideas as I can. For some reason, I need the security of knowing that another art teacher has tried the lesson and was... Learn More

Peacock Art Project for First Grade

Peacocks are truly glorious. I saw one roaming around on a recent trip to Maui. Just sauntering along…not a care in the world. I experimented a bit with this lesson... Learn More


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Watercolor Birds Art Lesson

This is a super easy project for middle elementary kids. I like to demonstrate how to draw a tropical bird using the steps below. As I’m drawing, I explain how... Learn More


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