The Primary Portrait Project: Chalk Pastel

This is part two of my quest for determining the best medium for primary portraits. Last week my first grade students created beautiful oil pastel portraits. I love oil pastels... Learn More


The Primary Portrait Project: Oil Pastel

Portraits are the quintessential elementary art project and for good reason–they are adorable and a keepsake that every parent appreciates. But some portrait lessons are better than others. It’s fascinating to... Learn More


Fairy Tale Royals Kings and Queens Art Project

Continuing along with my Fairy Tale Royals art unit, fourth grade students used the classic double-loading paintbrush technique and drawing with black paint to create these stunning Fairy Tale Royals.... Learn More


Fairy Tale Royal Kinder Portraits

My Kinder students created adorable kinder portraits with an added twist…crowns! It gave me the opportunity to break out my jars of glitter and allow my smallest students to express... Learn More


Portrait of Dora Maar Art Lesson

After a recent trip to Seattle where Picasso’s “Dora Maar” was on exhibit, I knew my fifth graders would love an art project that would express what Picasso did: express... Learn More


Emotion Portraits

As a creative warm-up to practice making thick, thin and expressive lines, introduce to your sixth or seventh graders in your art rotations with Emotion Portraits. I found this idea... Learn More


Fun with Portraits Art Lesson Plans

The quintessential art lesson for elementary school: self-portraits! This 24-page lesson plan booklet includes six easy portrait ideas. Easy-to-follow steps, supply lists, full-color photo-tutorials, original Deep Space Sparkle handouts and student... Learn More

Easy Collage Portraits Craft

I’ve tried many different lessons to with my five and six year old kids and this one is my favorite. Step One: I start with an oval template and instruct the children... Learn More


Paper Self-Portraits for Third Grade

The paper portrait is yet another fun and easy way to create portraits for your students. Although this project is simple and fun, there are certain steps the children must... Learn More


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