Kimmy Cantrell Inspired Ceramic Tile Mural

Kimmy-Cantrell-Inspired ceramic tile mural

The most anticipated projects of the year for my sixth grade students is the theme selection and creation of a ceramic tile mural. Starting around January, the sixth grade teachers and I start bouncing around some ideas.  This year, we considered Egyptian Art (no gold underglaze available), Rainforest, Endangered Animals and a few more. I ended up with a Kimmy Cantrell inspired mural all because of Donna Staten’s Pinterest boards on the … Read More →

Pinch Pot Animals for Kinder and First Grade

How to make pinch pot animals with little ones by Deep Space Sparkle

At the request of one of my Kinder teachers (who showed me a very cute ceramic cat and bird inspiration piece), I created a seemingly simple pinch pot lesson for my 3 Kinder Classes. My goal was to teach a basic clay pinch pot to my Kinders but create three different animals: a cat, a bird and a mouse. Here are the two inspiration pieces… Pretty cute, right? I thought … Read More →

How to make a Coil Pot

How to make a coil pot with kids

Making coil pots is a standard practice in many art rooms, but for me, I held off teaching them for over six years. For some reason, they scared the dickens out of me.  I had seen far too many elaborate coil pots photographs that I couldn’t imagine my students completing a project of this scale in the time period that I had. My concerns were justified because coil pots can … Read More →

America the Beautiful Ceramic Tile Mural


Another year has passed and with it another ceramic tile mural graces our school’s inner courtyard. I can’t think of a better way for our graduating students to celebrate their years at elementary school than by creating their own personal art legacy. I have documented the process of creating these beautiful murals in my Ceramic Mural Project Booklet. I think about the Oklahoma elementary schools that were affected by the … Read More →

America the Beautiful Mural…the beginning


I’m in the planning stage of this year’s ceramic tile mural. A few weeks ago, a few 6th graders suggested that the mural theme have something to do with the United States. I was thinking that we might do a mural on Ancient Aztecs but after researching images, I decided that there wasn’t enough variety to sustain a mural. So I put some thought into the American mural idea and came … Read More →

Pinch Pot Monsters


I’m a planner. I like to be prepared. So whatever happened during those last few weeks of school that left me staring at  200 pieces of unglazed bisque, I’ll never know. I’m blaming Star Testing and the mutual decision to abandon the art schedule during testing and just tack 2 weeks on the end of the school year. Seemed perfectly fine, except I forgot that I had to do a … Read More →

Ancient Greece Mural Project


Capping off the 6th grade promotion festivities was the reveal of the annual 6th grade mural. This year we chose to do Ancient Greece, with many student’s incorporating mythological creatures into their tile creations. We used terra cotta clay to create our tiles. To save time and to take advantage of the sgraffito technique, we painted our underglaze directly onto the greenware. This is sometimes difficult as kids have a … Read More →

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