Diego Rivera’s Mother’s Helper Art Lesson


Diego Rivera is one of the most famous painters in the twentieth century. After studying in Spain and France, he returned to his homeland of Mexico. There he travelled across the country, exploring the cultures, architecture and history of the different regions. Returning to Mexico City, Diego began painting murals for which he became famous. His painting “Mother’s Helpers” contains all the wonderful elements Diego Rivera is famous for: deep, … Read More →

Frida and Diego Art Lesson Plans


Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are two of Mexico’s most celebrated artists.  I adore all art from Mexico. There is an element of color and composition that evokes wonderful emotions. I’m always looking for inspirational pieces to round out my art curriculum and especially showcase artists from Mexico. These two lessons feature elements of Frida and Diego’s art: Frida’s Portraits and Diego’s symmetrical flower venders. Frida Kahlo Portrait:  David Diaz’s … Read More →

Mexican Unit: Chalk Adobe


  Want a quick, easy project where every student is successful? This is it! The best part about teaching art is seeing how my students respond to a new lesson. I’m not a scientist, but boy, it sure is interesting to see if my expectations line up with reality. This lesson exceeded it. Continuing with my Mexican unit, fifth graders drew adobes with colored chalk and oil pastels.   So … Read More →

Aztec Warriors

aztec art

Aztec Warriors are really fun to draw. Using few supplies (black waterproof marker, colored broad tip markers and paper) my sixth graders dove straight into the drawing with a black marker. When you look at the gallery, it’s hard to believe that no pencils were involved, but they weren’t necessary. I recently discussed the pros and cons of using pencils in the art room in this post. This lesson is … Read More →



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