Watercolor Iguana Art Lesson


Here is an easy watercolor art project starring an interesting creature…iguanas! My fourth grade students had a blast drawing the iguana with a black oil pastel and then using watercolors and special watercolor techniques to create these stunning pieces of art. Simple supplies are required: 12″ x 18″ watercolor paper, black oil pastels, pan-style watercolor palettes, salt, tissues and brushes. I used the same steps and instructions as illustrated in … Read More →

Chalk Rainforest Animals Art Video

Chalk frog

My fifth and sixth grade students have been working with chalk pastel recently. We’ve done tropical birds and just finished these stunning rainforest animals. Watch the video (link at bottom of post) to see the kids at work. To begin, use a black oil pastel to draw a rainforest animal. I provided a few simple drawing demonstrations to get the kids started. Draw lightly at first, then trace over all … Read More →

Snakes in the Grass


Here is a cute lesson that I did a while ago with my second grade students. It’s a great lesson for achieving good cutting skills which I think by second grade is pretty crucial. The steps to draw the snake are fun and easy but creating the grass can be challenging for many second graders.  Supplies for the snake 12″ x 18″ white sulphite paper, oil pastels, tempera paint, scissors, … Read More →

“A Color of His Own” Art Lesson

Chameleon painting

If you’ve been following my blog for any time length of time, you might have noticed that in addition to art, my biggest love is books. I incorporate books into my art lessons every chance I get. They’re my biggest source of inspiration when it comes to dreaming up lessons and books are usually the last thing I think about before nodding off to sleep. Leo Lionni’s “A Color of … Read More →

3-Ingredient Art 5/6 Lesson Plans


A 24-page booklet that includes three simple art lessons for grades 5 & 6 using basic art supplies: paper, paint, oil pastel or marker. Drawing handouts, photo tutorials and student art galleries take the guess work out of teaching these lessons. Collage dancers inspired by the paper cuttings of Henri Matisse, students use scraps of colored paper to create their own paper dancer. This lesson is a perfect platform for teaching … Read More →

Tortuga Time

turtle art lesson

Based on the book “Manana Iguana” by Ann Whitford Paul, this adorable collage lesson is perfect for little kinders. Children learn how to draw Tortuga the Turtle as drawn in the picture book and paint a desert background. I do this lesson in three thirty minute classes. Supplies: 12″ x 10″ white paper Oil Pastels scissors and glue sticks 12″ x 18″ blue paper Tempera paints: brown, white, yellow, light … Read More →

Chalk Pastel Lizards for Fifth Grade

MV art May 08 037

Leapin’ Lizards! One way or another, I try to fit in a lesson involving my least favorite species of all…lizards. Hate finding them in my backyard, but I admit, they’re way too fun to draw. For this lesson, I demonstrate my strategy for drawing lizards on the white board. This is the key to the success of the piece. You don’t have to draw well, but it helps to draw … Read More →

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