Draw Along Chameleon Art Project

This art project is part of the Art at Home series of Facebook Live video replays. This colorful chameleon offers 2 different variations to do with your children, depending on... Learn More



Watercolor Iguana Art Lesson

Here is an easy watercolor art project starring an interesting creature…iguanas! My fourth grade students had a blast drawing the iguana with a black oil pastel and then using watercolors... Learn More


Chalk Rainforest Animals Art Video

CHALK RAINFOREST ANIMALS My fifth and sixth grade students have been working with chalk pastel recently. We’ve done tropical birds and just finished these stunning rainforest animals. WHAT YOU’LL NEED:... Learn More

Snakes in the Grass

Here is a cute lesson that I did a while ago with my second grade students. It’s a great lesson for achieving good cutting skills which I think by second... Learn More


Tortuga Time

Based on the book “Manana Iguana” by Ann Whitford Paul, this adorable collage lesson is perfect for little kinders. Children learn how to draw Tortuga the Turtle as drawn in... Learn More


Watercolor Chameleon Art Lesson

After a trip to the library, I was inspired by the book Chameleons are Cool illustrated by Sue Shields. I love her use of color and large shapes plus the... Learn More


Rainforest Art Lesson

The fourth graders took a creative journey to the Rainforest and learned how to draw many rainforest inhabitants. We studied how snakes wind themselves around trees, how sloths hang upside... Learn More


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