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Watercolor Jellyfish Art Project

This drippy technique is and absolute WINNER for kid’s engagement. It requires two things that are an absolute MUST : Liquid watercolors and watercolor paper.It’s is a super fast and... Learn More

Happy Flower | Georgia O’Keeffe Art Project

When I was teaching art to hundreds of children, one of my favorite ways to teach children how to use paints was to begin with kid-friendly subjects like fish, butterflies,... Learn More



Sea Turtles Drawing & Painting Lesson

SEA TURTLES DRAWING & PAINTING LESSON This sea turtle drawing & painting art project was inspired by this Under-the-Sea Chalk Lesson. To keep the project manageable for first graders, I used... Learn More




Mola-Inspired Holiday Stockings

Part culture, part color theory and all fun, this Mola-inspired Holiday Stocking will keep the kids busy drawing, cutting and composing their own colorful stockings. ABOUT MOLAS Molas are cloth... Learn More

The Importance of Community

When new books come on the market–from Oprah’s book pics to pursuing the Costco aisles –they usually ends up on my bedside table. It’s my own version of FOMO. I... Learn More

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Marine Life Collaborative Mural

I picked up The Big Book of the Blue by Yuval Zommer over a year ago because I knew that the illustrations would inspire an amazing lesson.  This book is... Learn More

Recycled Tropical Fish Earth Day Project

Have some cardboard boxes lying around? Of course, you do! I make it a point to keep a stack of trimmed cardboard pieces to use in the art room. I... Learn More



How to Teach Movement & Rhythm

If you’re looking for an easy approach to teaching kids art, there’s no better system than using the elements and principles of art. This is the fifth tutorial in our... Learn More

How to Teach COLOR

The third tutorial in our Series CONNECTING WITH THE ELEMENTS- How to teach the Elements & Principles of Art, is COLOR. How exactly do you describe COLOR and why is it... Learn More

Do You Want To Write A Book? AME: 098

Do you want to write a book? Chances are, you do. It’s a dream many of us share until you sit down and stare at an empty screen. Perhaps you... Learn More



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Draw, Paint & Sparkle!

It’s 5 am and I’m wide awake. The coffee is brewing so I take a seat in my new den with a view over Santa Barbara and the mountains. How... Learn More

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Teaching Art in a Remote Village in Northern India: AME 059

How do you introduce children to art in a remote region of the world where  children have little exposure to expressive art? Where do you start? Where do you find supplies?... Learn More



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