“Petunia” Painting Project for Kids

“PETUNIA” PAINTING PROJECT FOR KIDS Incorporating literature into art projects remains my favorite type of lesson.  Last year, I introduced Petunia to my third grade students. Using a painting project technique that I call... Learn More



How to Paint without Paint

What? Paint without paint? Yes. It can be done with a most humble product: water-soluble oil pastel. Faber-Castell makes a wonderful Gel Stick in a plastic applicator that looks a lot... Learn More

How to Draw & Paint a Bouquet of Flowers

HOW TO DRAW & PAINT A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS Learning how to draw flowers is a must in any art room. To make the lesson easy for a younger child, it... Learn More



Colorwheel Flowers Art Lesson

These happy colorwheel flowers were a perfect introduction to art for my Kinders. Drawing with pastels, painting with puck tempera and creating dots, lines, and patterns with black and white... Learn More




Father’s Day Portraits Art project

For the last art project for my third/fourth combo class, I asked the teacher if she had any requests. She didn’t hesitate to say that she has no idea what... Learn More




Watercolor Sunflower Resist Art Lesson

I tend to revert to flowers as the subject of my art lessons near the end of the school year.  They provide an opportunity to explore a wide color palette... Learn More




Painted Paper Butterflies

I love happy art lessons. The ones that engage children right from the get-go. These painted paper butterflies are a perennial favorite in my art room. My first graders make... Learn More


O’Keeffe Inspired Graphic Flowers

This Georgia O’Keeffe inspired art lesson is quick, easy lesson that all grade levels will enjoy. Needing a one-lesson project for the end of my sixth grade art rotation, I... Learn More


Watercolor Poppies Art Lesson

Here is a very easy watercolor lesson for any grade. What you’ll need: – Liquid watercolor paint or well-watered pan watercolors – Watercolor paper – Chalk pastels Creating the poppies:... Learn More


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