Happy Birthday, Winslow Homer!

Winslow Homer art projects and resources

About Winslow Homer Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Massachusetts on February 24, 1836. His mother was a watercolor artist and taught Homer how to draw and paint. When Homer was old enough, he moved to New York City to make illustrations for a magazine. When the Civil War broke out, Homer was sent to the battlefields to draw what he saw. Homer liked to show the relationships between people and … Read More →

Truck Shape Art Project

Truck Art Project using shape and painted paper

Diving straight into a messy art project at the beginning of a school year might be crazy, but I do it anyway. I adore watching kids paint and they love to do it, so it’s a win-win. This painted paper lesson has huge benefits: teaches little kids how to hold a brush, how to make big brush strokes, how to follow a set of instructions and how to create texture. … Read More →

How to Draw a Truck

How to draw a truck

Drawing trucks is one of my most requested how-to-draw subjects in art class. I love the stories of the people who drive them, the cargo they haul and the best question of all…where are they going?  Inspired by the incredible picture book,Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble! by Patricia Hubbell and illustrated by Megan Halsey, my fourth grade students created amazing trucks and placed them on colorful collage backgrounds–just like in the book! … Read More →

Watercolor Clipper Ships Art Lesson

Winslow Homer Clipper Ship

Clipper ships glide over the ocean at top speeds. The tangle of nets, ropes and sails, however, can make drawing a clipper ship daunting. Breaking down the ship’s parts into basic shapes helps with the drawing efforts.  By the end of the drawing lesson, my students felt empowered with their impressive achievements. I detailed the drawing steps and watercolor techniques in my Watercolor Project Booklet. I altered the watercolor steps … Read More →

Sailboat Monotype Art Lesson


I have an artist friend, Karyn Walsh, who specializes in monotypes. Our kids used to sail together in Santa Barbara and as we watched their races from shore, Karyn would tell me about her art and the process of creating a monotype. Ultimately, it was the element of surprise and the texture that appealed to her.  After doing this art lesson with my students, I finally understood what she meant. … Read More →

Trucks and Tractors: Kindergarten Shape Lesson

truck drawing art lesson

When my two boys were little, I would pack a lunch and drive to a construction site where we would sit on the hood of our car and watch the big rigs in action. They were memorized. DK’s “Things That Go” was their favorite book and before they turned 4, my sweet boys were experts on all types of excavators, front loaders, and diggers. Honestly. They just couldn’t get enough. … Read More →

Easy Sailboat Project for First Grade


Here is another quick and beautiful art lesson for early elementary children. I came across a souvenir sailboat that I purchased one summer thinking that it would make a great visual for an art lesson. Three years later, I finally put it to use. I did this project in one 60-minute art session but you could easily do it in two. Step One: Cutting out the Sailboat I began with … Read More →

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