How to Draw and Paint a Snowplow

HOW TO DRAW AND PAINT A SNOWPLOW Are you buried under snow? If you’re experiencing that kind of winter, embrace the deluge and create an art project that pays homage... Learn More



How to Draw Big Rigs

HOW TO DRAW BIG RIGS Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld is becoming a classic for kids. The story highlights the jobs of construction vehicles on a work... Learn More




How to Draw & Paint Ferry Boats

HOW TO DRAW AND PAINT FERRY BOATS Growing up on Prince Edward Island offered me the opportunity to travel to the mainland by ferry boat.  We loved discovering which ferry... Learn More

Happy Birthday, Winslow Homer!

Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Massachusetts on February 24, 1836. His mother was a watercolor artist and taught Homer how to draw and paint. When Homer was old enough,... Learn More

Truck Shape Art Project

Diving straight into a messy art project at the beginning of a school year might be crazy, but I do it anyway. I adore watching kids paint and they love... Learn More




How to Draw a Truck

Drawing trucks is one of my most requested how-to-draw subjects in art class. I love the stories of the people who drive them, the cargo they haul and the best... Learn More


Watercolor Clipper Ships Art Lesson

Clipper ships glide over the ocean at top speeds. The tangle of nets, ropes and sails, however, can make drawing a clipper ship daunting. Breaking down the ship’s parts into... Learn More


Sailboat Monotype Art Lesson

I have an artist friend, Karyn Walsh, who specializes in monotypes. Our kids used to sail together in Santa Barbara and as we watched their races from shore, Karyn would... Learn More


Pirate Ship Art Lesson for Fourth Grade

This lesson combines many techniques: drawing, cutting and shaping with paper, painting waves and composition. I chose to do this lesson with an upper grade class but it’s suitable for... Learn More


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