Father’s Day Portraits Art project

Father's Day Portrait Project

For the last art project for my third/fourth combo class, I asked the teacher if she had any requests. She didn’t hesitate to say that she has no idea what to do for Father’s Day. Could I create some type of art project to celebrate Father’s Day? We brainstormed for a few moments and then decided that a portrait would be fun. Drawing a grown-up male face isn’t something I’ve done … Read More →

Van Gogh Inspired ¾ View Portraits

Paint a portrait like Van Gogh. Portraits that focus on a ¾ view instead of the traditional straight-on portrait.

By the time I was in seventh grade, I abandoned the frontal portrait view in favor of a ¾ view. I loved how drawing portraits from a ¾ view perspective looked like the school photos we all had. It does take a bit of practice but I believe it might be easier than drawing a frontal view. Third graders are really just beginning to get comfortable with a standard format … Read More →

Inside the Kinder Classroom: Portraits


If you’ve been following my blog for any reasonable length of time, you know how much I love Kinders. I love their stubby fingers, their adorable faces and I especially love how much they embrace art. They are in fact, perfect little artistic beings. Which is why I get such a kick out of their portraits. No matter how many different ways you teach portrait making to Kinders, there is … Read More →

Fun with Portraits II Guidebook


This is my biggest PDF lesson plan booklet to date and is the result of over 5 years of portrait making. I’ve broken down the secrets of teaching a portrait lesson into THREE TECHNIQUES. Each technique is outlined in the guidebook and when combined with various mediums, makes portrait making easy and doable. Simply pick the technique that is best suited to your grade level, choose your favorite medium and … Read More →

Chalk and Tempera Primary Portraits


I’ve been doing a different Kinder portrait for the last ten years of teaching art. I love mixing things up and experimenting with different combination of media. This year, I combined my favorite tempera paint with chalk and oil pastels. This might be my favorite combo of all! I use one of three techniques for drawing portraits in Kindergarten. All three are outlined in my Fun with Portraits PDF. This … Read More →

The Primary Portrait Project: Tempera Paint


This is part three of my quest for determining the best medium for primary portraits. Last week my first grade students created beautiful oil pastel portraits, then another first grade class created their portraits using chalk pastels. Today, my final first grade class used my favorite medium:tempera paints. Tempera paint has always been one of my favorite mediums. There is something about the intensity of the color that appeals to me. I … Read More →

The Primary Portrait Project: Chalk Pastel


This is part two of my quest for determining the best medium for primary portraits. Last week my first grade students created beautiful oil pastel portraits. I love oil pastels as they are super easy for prep and clean-up but on the downside, they require a great deal of patience. Little ones don’t often have the stamina to color over all the white paper. Today I switched gears and brought … Read More →

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