Art Made Easy 013: The Scoping & Sequencing of Portrait making for Elementary art

The Scoping & Sequencing of Portrait Making: AME 013



Art Made Easy 013: The Scoping & Sequencing of Portrait making for Elementary art

Creating a portrait in elementary school is a natural part of any art curriculum. Over my 13 years as an art teacher, I taught thousands of kids how to draw portraits–whether of themselves, a friend or an imaginary person.

It may surprise you that teaching a child how to draw a portrait is not just about eye-placement or looking into a mirror, it’s also about how to create a piece of art that captures the likeness not just through drawing but with texture and color.

In this episode of Art Made Easy, I identify key learning objectives for each grade level, detail what art supplies I love best plus how I select just the right portrait project that engages students at every grade.

Make sure to download my FREE Scoping & Sequencing of Portrait Making PDF that details the projects, supplies and learning objectives for each grade level. Just login to your DSS account to access. You can create a free account if you don’t already have one.




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– Information about the Summer Art Workshop with Patty, Palmer, Cassie Stephens and Laura Lohmann

Do You Have a Hat? by Eileen Spinelli

– Fred Babb Art Go to Your Studio and Make Stuff (This is one of my all-time most inspiring poster books for art-making)

Art Made Easy 013: The Scoping & Sequencing of Portrait making for Elementary art

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  • mlph@rogers.com

    This podcast is an excellent resource for classroom teachers. Not only do you get ideas about what your students are capable of and how to get the most from them, but you also get excellent project ideas in the accompanying PDF. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Patty!

    • Patty Palmer

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed the show and are enjoying the podcast.

  • cakesandcakes@sbcglobal.net

    Thanks, Patty, this one was wonderful. I finished portrait with my k-8th graders in February and I wish I would have had access to this info before hand, so many good tips. And I did get some very good results with the Kindergarten class, we did the tracing and the U technique. However I did notice than when they did the U technique the heads were very small, you are absolutely right they have a harder time drawing big. But this is wonderful information for next year. Excellent!

  • Linda Tvedt

    I loved this podcast. I’m new to teaching kids art, and hadn’t even looked at the portrait bundle. As I listened to this episode, I just can’t wait to teach it to grades k-6 this fall! Love all your practical tips and insights. Such good information. I started teaching in my studio in September 2016, had 4 classes every friday. Did summer art camp for three age groups in June, and will be the schools ” artist in residence” and will be teaching two days a week for grades k -6! None of this would have ever become reality without deep space sparkle! Love bing a sparkler!!

    • Patty

      Thanks Linda!

  • lisahbauman

    I am not able to download the scope and sequence packet. I clicked download and it just keeps spinning. Any suggestions?

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