Your Communication Plan (and Why it’s Never Too Late to Create One): AME 152



Do you struggle to find the right response when parents complain about your cancellation policy, how you’re grading children in art class, or why your art looks the way it does?

You’re not alone.

One of the biggest challenges for many art teachers, classroom teachers, and art volunteers is setting expectations for your art program. This is an often overlooked part of your program and if not addressed early on, can lead to some very uncomfortable conversations.

And believe me, I’ve had a few.

If you struggle with any of the above, then I’m happy to say that the solution is easy. Today, I’m sharing how a communication plan will empower you with a clear message that will virtually eliminate any confusion with parents, teachers and your administration. Download my worksheet below that will help walk you through each step of your communication plan.

“When you are confident in your approach, art philosophy, rules and procedures, you can bet others will be confident in YOU.” – Patty Palmer


– How to draft an effective communication plan

– Why it’s never too late to send out a communication letter to the parents

– How you can use social media to get your message out

– Why this practice has been a positive experience for me

– What can happen if you delay sending this information

– Which topics to cover in your communication letter



Click the yellow button below to download my worksheet to help you draft your own art program letter:

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