Art Made Easy 008: Secrets of a Top Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Jennifer White



Secrets of a Teachers Pay Teachers Top Seller: AME 008

Art Made Easy 008: Secrets of a Top Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Jennifer White

Have your colleagues ever told you how well you explained a lesson? Or how creative you are? Do people always ask you for advice?

If any of these questions ring true for you then you need to listen to this episode.

Jennifer White shares how she went from teaching during the day and working as a cashier at night to making $14K in her first THREE months of selling her craft products on Teachers Pay Teachers. Crazy, right?

I know I sound like an informercial, but I guarantee you that Jennifer is humble yet strategic about her success. I loved talking to Jennifer and appreciate her willingness to help you create the side job of your dreams.

This episode is for anyone who is thinking of selling digital products on Teachers Pay Teachers or wishes to make a bigger impact with small easy tweaks to existing products.






– Jennifer’s strategy for teaching a directed line drawing

– How this type of drawing can be used as a confidence booster for kids

– A technique you can use to keep the little ones on track, and on the same page

– How Jennifer got into Teachers Pay Teachers  and the effect this website has had on her life

– Jennifer’s best tips for navigating the site

– Advise on designing a new product to sell online, and how to “breathe new life” into an older product that you’re offering

– Who should pay for advertising on Teachers Pay Teachers

– How to discount and hold a sale, the right way

– Whether or not you should sign up for a free account on Teachers Pay Teachers, or become a premium member



Jennifer spoke at the most recent Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas and wants to share her conference presentation download with you! To access the download, just enter your email and your name. The guide will be delivered to your email address.

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You can connect with Jennifer on her blog at First Grade Blue Skies, through Instagram and Facebook.

Art Made Easy 008: Secrets of a Top Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Jennifer White

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