ART MADE EASY podcast 009 with megan Schiller from the Art Pantry



From Art Educator to Art Entrepreneur: AME 009

ART MADE EASY podcast 009 with megan Schiller from the Art Pantry

Megan Schiller is the founder of The Art Pantry, a design studio specializing in children’s creative play spaces. She is a former Reggio-inspired preschool teacher and art educator and her mission is to encourage creative independence and learning through inspired spaces. Megan works one-on-one with people in Northern California looking to set up creative play spaces in their homes or schools She has launched a series of DIY guides that are available through her site.

In today’s episode, Megan talks about her evolution from a preschool art teacher to offering art classes in her home to a designer of creative spaces.  This show is for anyone who wants to learn how to set-up creative spaces for children and learn the pros and cons of a creative blogging career.


– What is the Reggio Emilia approach to art

– How Megan used her passion for art to start a business and introduce a new concept to her neighborhood

– The online program that both Megan and Patty used to successfully develop their businesses

– How Megan takes everything that she learned as a preschool teacher and art teacher, and merges it with interior design

– Why it’s important to have art supplies accessible and in the view of young children

– How Megan sets up art with an invitation to create focus and how this can be incorporated into a classroom setting

– Clean-up hacks you can use

– Why you don’t need to blog everyday

– Megan’s advice on starting a small business that can save you time and money









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Art Made Easy podcast with Megan Schiller from the Art Pantry

You can connect with Megan through her blog, The Art Pantry and on Instagram and Facebook.

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