Strategies for the First Day of Art Class- AME 063

Strategies for the First Day of Art Class: AME 063



Whether you are a brand new teacher preparing for your first art class or an experienced art teacher looking to change things up, knowing what to do on the first day of school can be challenging. We all have questions: Do you create art right away or do you establish a management plan? You may wonder what projects to do or what supplies to prep. This episode offers a few ideas to think about as you start to plan for your big day back.

Download the First Day of Art Class Freebie and Back to School Guide, and start planning your awesome week!


  • How deciding what you want your students to experience when they step into your art room is a great way to begin your year
  • What painted paper is and how children can have fun with it.
  • Why I created student portfolios and the best system on how to do this.
  • How line drawings can be used as a project technique (and may be the most effective one)
  • How self-portraits can be a great option for demonstrating student improvement in art throughout the year





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Download our back to School Guide | Resources to help kickstart your art program.Click here to subscribeIt’s a 3-part strategy on how to use the Elements of Arts when planning your art curriculum including ordering supplies, a grade level checklist for the scope and sequence of K-7 Elements of Art and What I’ll Learn in Art Class posters.


PDF – First Day of Art, with lessons and resources

How to Make Painted Paper

Dot Day on Sept. 15th

THE DOT by Peter H. Reynolds 

AME:013 Scoping the Sequencing on Portrait Making

Managing Artwork with Student Portfolios

Watch this video to see how to make painted paper

Painted paper link Strategies for the First Day of Art Class- AME 063


Strategies for the First Day of Art Class- AME 063

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  • Mary Smith

    Awesome! I am a first year Art teacher and am on my own. This was so very helpful! Thank you.

  • charlotte

    The download I got was art teacher toolkit. Is that the one for the first day of school?

    • Patty

      No. Perhaps you subscribed to both? I just tested the link and it send the correct PDF. Try again and if you receive the wrong PDF, just contact support@deepspacesparkle.com and they’ll help you out. 🙂

  • Anne Marie

    I received the PDF download, great ideas but not able to upload the 35 min video of AME:063. Please advise.
    Thank you !

    • Patty

      You can listen to the show via your desktop or download on your iPhone. I don’t know if you can upload the audio file. No one has ever asked!

  • Ingrid Coke

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Particularly appreciated your sharing the importance of keeping calm with a calm environment. Awesome advise. Thank you for sharing.

  • bettyc.rivera

    Thank you so much Patty! I am nervous about the first day of Art class which will be in a week and this lesson was absolutely essential for me! I am re thinking the first day project. I am a grandmother who loves art and volunteered last school year and loved it even with all the ups and downs! So…….here goes another year, but now I have so many tools with DSS!!
    I can’t do it without being a Sparkler!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Kate

    I teach art in a homeschool co-op. I love the idea of portfolios, especially because I’d like to have an art show this year; but my parents really enjoy seeing what their kids are making each week. Do you have any ideas for me?

  • engelberton

    Thank you Thank you!! You guys are wonderful!! Your back to school pages are very helpful!!

  • Millie Inscoe

    Simple stress free lesson for beginning of school. Thanks for the free ideas and I have already begun putting them in action.

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