10 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Summer: AME 095



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Which statement rings true for you: summer is too short OR summer is long enough?

If you’re like most of us, you probably feel as though it is way too short.

By the time you’re back in the classroom in August or September it can feel as those past two months was just enough time to catch your breath, but not enough to fully recharged and get aligned.

So how do you make the most out of your time?

Do you tackle all the stuff on your to-do list early on so you can relax later? Do you completely veg and catch up on Netflix?

Our summer plans feel differently for all of us, because we are all unique in how we restore ourselves.

If you’re coming off a chaotic teaching season into a chaotic summer, an introverted teacher can feel completely overwhelmed.

If you have nothing on your plate and your days are unstructured, an extrovert may feel completely unfulfilled.

It’s also possible for both personality extremes to overestimate what you can accomplish in this relatively small parcel of time.

Introverted and extroverted personality types may require radically different summer agendas, so keeping in mind both personalities…

Here are my top 10 tips for making summer feel restful, enjoyable & energizing


– Why learning new perspectives is the quickest way to become happy

– How you can recognize the small happy moments that occur every day

– How to choose one goal you want to accomplish

– Why we need to schedule alone time, become more active and in the process, gain more energy

– What to do if you are not getting enjoyment out of what you are doing



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  • Anna August

    love the podcast ,thanks!
    at the end of the school year i take some time and write what worked this year. I also come up with the first few projects and order supplies.

  • Kristina Massey


    I have listened to most of your podcasts and love them all. I honestly didn’t think I needed someone to tell me how to enjoy summer. I was mistaken. This was great! My summer is filling up with soccer tournaments, marimba concerts, and art workshops, so I can relate to the swim team and softball team trips. I pack lots of books and art supplies on every trip. And we always try to fit in something fun along the way.

    I also use podcasts as my motivation for my walks, totally works! So, Patty, you are getting me walking! I loved your thinking of filling your well before your plan for next year. I actually teach more in the summer, but this was a good reminder that it is ok to not think about planning and take time to relax. I have found I get so worried about not being prepared that I can’t enjoy my time off. I plan on painting during my time off but would love to read some good books. Any suggestions? Your podcast made me think that I really need to schedule planning time and resting time, even if we don’t leave town.

    The other thing I related to was how introverts needs their quiet time. I desperately need that and don’t realize it until I have been deprived and get tired. Being “on” so much while teaching is draining, even though I really do enjoy every minute of teaching.

    Sorry this is so long. I should have responded to more of your podcasts; they are all great.

  • Chandi

    Hi Patty ,
    Great Episode. I am right there with you! I pick up my classroom and walk out the door. This year I am facing some new challenges about what grades I am actually teaching for next year.I also have some lingering Art Room wall painting that needs to be finished along with organizing the cupboards. So your podcast was perfect. I take one to two weeks for a seclusion unplugged at a friends cabin in June I plan my curriculum a bit then as ideas emerge but mainly in August;” The hits, keep coming!” that’s when I begin to assimilate all my inspirations. This will be with my added inspirations and knowledge coming from Derp Soace Sparkke. I am so thankful. Blessings all for a great summer.

  • Margie Tyner

    I’ve been listening to this podcast for quite a while, and it is one of my favorites. I often repeat the episodes several times because I glean so much from each topic. This episode was very timely because the summertime often becomes so full that it is over in a flash. This year I am moving to a new house, and when school begins in August, I will be transferring to a new school. This summer I need to be very intentional about having some time to recharge. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

  • Lisa Krones

    Hi Patty! I haven’t had much time to listen to the podcasts, but that is one thing I’m looking forward to during this summer. This podcast was a perfect start! This is my last week teaching and I feel my brain starting to relax, but I’m fearful that my brain will relax too much and I won’t accomplish anything. I really like your idea of making a To Do List with just one thing and when that’s done right another. Thanks for all that you do and I’m really looking forward to the online conference!


  • Jeanie Bay

    I clean up & organize my art room in June, but I don’t think about it (or do planning) ’til the week before school starts. Although I am extroverted in that I can easily talk to strangers, when it comes to summer, I sink into the couch (or chaise lounge – as I like to sit by the pool), so I guess that means I’m an introvert. This podcast has reassured me that I’m not a lazy bum.

  • Peggy

    Great podcast. Your message about picking one thing instead of making a list made me think.
    As for planning for next year, I need to do it before my summer begins, or I will worry about it all summer. I start by reflecting on what went well and what I would change. Do you jot notes in your planner about how lessons went throughout the year? This is where you’d use them. (This past year I had two art classes and the rest were Intensive Reading. This year, I have the opportunity to teach art full time. It feels like being a first year teacher all over again, but with 10 years wisdom to back it up!) I’m giving myself the 1st two weeks of summer break to plan out next year (thank you Deep space Sparkle for doing most of the tough stuff with curriculum). I’m looking forward to planning the layout and organization of my space, my management system, and plotting my curriculum into my planner.

  • Amy Daley

    Interesting and helpful!

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