Father’s Day Portraits Art project

Father's Day Portrait Project

For the last art project for my third/fourth combo class, I asked the teacher if she had any requests. She didn’t hesitate to say that she has no idea what to do for Father’s Day. Could I create some type of art project to celebrate Father’s Day? We brainstormed for a few moments and then decided that a portrait would be fun. Drawing a grown-up male face isn’t something I’ve done … Read More →

Watercolor Sunflower Resist Art Lesson

How to make a sunflower watercolor painting

I tend to revert to flowers as the subject of my art lessons near the end of the school year.  They provide an opportunity to explore a wide color palette and endless shape possibilities. For my first grade class, I read the book, Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt and then we dove into the lesson. This is what we did: Starting with a 12″ x 18″ sulphite drawing paper, … Read More →

Painted Paper Butterflies

Butterfly art lesson

I love happy art lessons. The ones that engage children right from the get-go. These painted paper butterflies are a perennial favorite in my art room. My first graders make painted paper and then use the paper to create butterfly wings. I set out wing templates from my Eric Carle-Inspired Lesson Plans PDF but encourage the children to make their own wing shapes. If the children draw their own wings, … Read More →

Art Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts


It may sound hokey, but I don’t think there is a better gift than a piece of art created by a child. To know that your very own child chose that particular color and made those particular lines is pure magic to me. And while acts of creative expression are precious and rare, don’t feel bad if you think your child won’t ever come up with a piece of art … Read More →

O’Keeffe Inspired Graphic Flowers


This Georgia O’Keeffe inspired art lesson is quick, easy lesson that all grade levels will enjoy. Needing a one-lesson project for the end of my sixth grade art rotation, I was inspired by an O’Keeffe art print on my wall. But instead of focusing on the center of a flower and creating a detailed drawing, I thought it might be fun to jazz up Georgia with some graphic qualities! Jazzing … Read More →

Art Projects Inspired by Earth Day

Paper bag dolls

I’ve been known to dig through the lunch bins rescuing styrofoam trays for printing projects. I save newspapers for delicate ceramic projects and concentrated juice can tops for robot heads. Is it enough? No way. Sometimes I start to collect things then abandon the idea when I can’t come up with an art project or the pile threatens my limited storage. Then back to the bin they go. Depressing. But every … Read More →

Watercolor Poppies Art Lesson


Here is a very easy watercolor lesson for any grade. Simply add puddles of liquid watercolor paint (or well-watered pan watercolors) onto watercolor paper. Before the puddles “dry” tap the paper onto the table surface to create streams of paint. These are the flower stems. After the paint dries, the artist can use chalk pastels to add details such as stamens, leaves, shadows, etc. Add a splatter of watercolor paint … Read More →

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