Art Inspiration from Alaska


To celebrate my 50th birthday (I need to start owning this number), Neil and I took the kiddos on a cruise to Alaska. Just saying those words makes me feel more grateful than ever. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. Of course with any trip, inspiration is everywhere. We decided to do as much as we could while in Alaska as we all felt that Alaska was unlikely to … Read More →

Spring Cleaning for your Art Studio (and mind)


I had every intention of sitting down this morning for a marathon session at my computer. Lesson plans, editorial calendars, blog navigation and a few pesky website glitches were on my to-do list.  As soon as I sat down, I knew my head wasn’t in the right space. On my right a very impressive spider web was forming in the corner of my window and on the left,  a stack … Read More →

Protecting your Creativity


I was editing my photos this morning for a post on watercolor and paper bouquets when this piece caught my eye. I try to photograph the variety of art that results from a lesson and I remember pausing to remember the girl who created this piece. It was so different from my example and different from anyone at her table, which for a fourth grade girl is unusual. Many girls … Read More →

New Year. New Challenges. New Joy


The only thing better than celebrating the holidays with my family is clearing out the decorations. Sounds a bit “Grinchy” but the truth is, I love the normal days as much as the special ones. My beautiful, 12 foot-pine cone and nature inspired tree made an early departure as it didn’t quite survive the hot California weather. I’ve never had a crunchier tree. Honestly, it feels great to have the … Read More →

My Creative Summer

Illustrated PEI destination map

My month long summer hiatus has come to an end. In many ways, I can’t wait for September as it means that I get to see my students again and begin the planning process for an artful year. I love all that, but it’s important to switch gears once in a while. I got my creative boost in June when my sister asked me to whip up some driving directions … Read More →

Archiving Childhood Artwork


Any artwork that I did in elementary school art class is long gone. I remember a few projects very well, mostly the 3-D cities and marshmallow covered grapefruits that resembled igloos rather accurately, but there is no tangible evidence that either ever existed. Drawings that I did on my own at my kitchen table, however, were saved. As a child, I drew all the time. There was nothing I wanted … Read More →

Studio updates


I’m taking a break from posting another art lesson (don’t worry, I have lots in the pipeline) to update you all on the goings-on with Deep Space Sparkle… I’m not going to lie, DSS has been keeping me very busy. I’m in the second week of Teaching Art 101 and I’m thoroughly it.  Although none of the lessons are live, the forum and our Flickr page keeps everyone connected. There are … Read More →