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Eric Carle inspired Snowman Art Lesson

There is nothing cuter than a snowman, except a “kinder-created” snowman. Watching little fingers stick paper noses and top hats to wet paint is utterly adorable. Since most of my...... Learn More


Teaching Art to Children with Special Needs: AME 056

...a meltdown. 6. Pair students with friends or pair with one-on-one help from teacher. SHOW NOTES Monsters Love School Lesson Eric Carle’s Website Special Artists Handbook: Art Activities and Adaptive...... Learn More



Elephant Art Project

Eric Carle’s latest book The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse is as delightful as the rest of his other titles. Journey through a young artist’s imagination as he paints...... Learn More


Activity Pack: Color Theory and Literature

...my mind, there is a distinction between an art lesson and an art activity and this is my version of the latter. Inspired by Eric Carle’s The Artist Who Painted...... Learn More


Tips to Help Gauge if an Art Project is Right for Your Class: AME 006

...Liquid Watercolor Paints Eric Carle-Inspired Butterflies SECOND Paper Weaving Projects THIRD How to Color with Markers Tropical Fish Watercolor Art Project FOURTH Castle Art Projects FIFTH Clipper Ship Projects Perspective...... Learn More



The SPARKLE Method for Lesson Development - Art Made Easy 032

...Note: If you have an iPhone, subscribe in iTunes. If you have an Android phone, subscribe in Stitcher. SHOW NOTES: Eric Carle Lois Ehlert Old Bear & Leaf Collage Lesson...... Learn More



My Favorite Books: AME 046

...Museum curated by Katie Scott and Kathy Willis The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle Ladies Drawing Night: Make Art, Get Inspired, Join the Party by Julia...... Learn More



Art Projects for Inclusion Students

...Eric Carle Inspired Projects are a huge success. Children can splatter paint either with their hands or a brush. It gets messy, but that’s why art teachers are hired in...... Learn More

Create your own Art Lessons the SPARKLE way! Part I

...Eric Carle, Kevin Henkes & Lois Ehlert are terrific examples. PRODUCTS I’ll admit it, occasionally a product will inspire an entire lesson. Sometimes, however, it won’t. So go ahead and...... Learn More

Paper Cut Flower Art Project

...– Colored Paper (I used some leftover “Eric Carle” painted paper from earlier in the year.) – White paper (this is 9″ x 6″ but a larger size would work...... Learn More


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