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Developing art lessons can be overwhelming to create with a busy schedule. Sure you can use the same art lessons every year but every now and again, you’ll want (or be required) to create lessons for a very specific topic or subject.

Over the years, I created a criteria for assessing whether or not a lesson will work in my art program. I call it my SPARKLE method for lesson development. These 7 key steps will help you create art projects that are unique to you, your art program and that your students will love.


  • Why it’s important to flex your creative muscles and see what you can create on your own
  • How I get ideas for my new projects, both around the house and while travelling
  • Why illustrations have to be understandable for children in order to convert successfully into an art lesson
  • What to do if you have a set curriculum to follow
  • The secret to know if a project will work for students
  • Why you don’t need to apologize for your weaknesses – play up your strengths!
  • How it’s important to try out a new lesson yourself before introducing it to your class
  • Why if you’re introducing an art concept in a school environment, there has to be a reason for it
  • How telling a story or interesting fact about an artist will engage children and make the lesson memorable
  • When you’re doing research you can use sensory details to explain or elaborate on an artist’s technique
  • How YouTube videos can easily be used to teach kids about artists that you’re not overly familiar with
  • When designing a lesson around a master, make sure the person has a broad appeal for the age group you’re teaching to
  • How using lingo, or vocabulary, in your art room is a great way to make sure your lesson planning is on track
  • The mindset shift I had to make when it came to using 3-D forms


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Eric Carle

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Old Bear & Leaf Collage Lesson (inspired by Kevin Henke)


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