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Snowman Collage Project

This happy snowman teaches color theory, collage techniques, and perspective in about two, 45-minutes art classes. I did this project... View Article



Mixed-Media Snowman

If I had to choose my favorite snowman art lesson, it would be this one. The combination of skills: tracing,... View Article

Winter Snowman Collage Art Lesson

Kindergartners are quite young and some struggle with their fine-motor skills such as holding an oil pastel and cutting with... View Article

Eric Carle inspired Snowman Art Lesson

There is nothing cuter than a snowman, except a “kinder-created” snowman. Watching little fingers stick paper noses and top hats... View Article

Adorable Close-up Snowman Painting

It’s hard to resist adding a snowman project into an art curriculum. They’re easy to draw and oh, so cute.... View Article

Collage Snowman Kindergarten Art Lesson

Kinders had a terrific time creating their collage snowman. It’s a very simple lesson to do with this age group. You’ll... View Article


Perfect Timing: Solutions for Early Finishers – Art Made Easy 029

Do you get frustrated when your students rush to finish a project to work on free drawing or a coloring... View Article



7 Winter Art Lessons To Try

Winter is coming and that means I get to pull out my favorite art projects for my students. There is something... View Article

Snow Angel Art Lesson

When I come across an art lesson that checks off as many boxes as this one, I can’t wait to... View Article

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