How to Make a Holiday Reindeer

Gather the kids and some colorful paper, chalk pastels and a bit of glitter to create this festive reindeer. I always said that some animals like elephants, zebras and giraffes... Learn More



How to Make a Color Wheel Thanksgiving Turkey

I have to admit, the more color a project has the more I love it. And this Thanksgiving turkey? Well, let’s just say I could make them all. day. long.... Learn More



How to Create a Funny Face Ghost for the Halloween Season

Who says ghosts have to be scary? These happy, friendly ghosts are easy to draw and make, even for preschoolers or kindergarten kids. This project is based on the book,... Learn More



Celebration Crown | Queen for a Day

Grab your markers and scissors and customize these printable crowns to celebrate mom with an easy Mother’s Day craft. Not only for moms, create for any celebration: birthdays, graduations and... Learn More

What Materials to Buy for Your Child | My Paper Picks Part I

After spending over 15 years developing lessons for hundreds of children in 3 public elementary schools, my inventory was based on budget and products that supported the wide variety of... Learn More

What Materials to Buy for Your Child | My Paint Picks Part II

Paint, beautiful paint! It’s my absolute FAVORITE medium to use with children as there is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a child with a paintbrush in their hands.... Learn More

What Materials to Buy for Your Child | My Brush Picks Part III

This is the final video in my 3-part series on what art supplies to buy for your child. The paper, paint and brush selection is basic but these materials form... Learn More

Watercolor Easter Eggs

Looking for a classroom-friendly alternative to painting eggs this Easter? This lesson teaches students four different watercolor techniques to create colorful patterns and designs that they can use to decorate their... Learn More



A Special Look Inside Creative Juices: Our NEW Online Course for Art Teachers

I’ve taken a lot of time this past year to step back. To reflect on what’s important to me. To tap into what excites me. It’s been years since I... Learn More

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