Celebrating Pablo Picasso in Your Art Room

Few artists are as innately interesting to children as Pablo Picasso. With the use of bright colors and geometric renderings of humans and objects in his art, Picasso instills a... Learn More

Virtual Teaching Tips

Are you still teaching from home? Has your school entered a hybrid system? Has your situation changed a time or two? Whatever your circumstances may be, you’ve likely battled the... Learn More

Modifying Art Lessons to Meet the Needs of Special Learners: Part III

Concluding our special 3-part series on teaching art to children with special needs, Team Sparkle’s Rachelle Smith shares her expertise to help you navigate the nuances of teaching art to... Learn More

Teaching Art Remotely to Children with Special Needs: Part II

If you’ve ever taught children with special needs in the classroom, then you know the delicate balance required to keep students engaged while also helping them to build artistic skills.... Learn More

Teaching Art to Students with Special Needs

That’s not going to work for our kids. Those are the words a special education teacher said to me on my first day of working as an art teacher at... Learn More

Teaching Art From a Cart

There are no words more terrifying to hear for an art teacher than, “You will be teaching from a cart.” 😳 This is pretty much what happened to this reader:... Learn More

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FREE E-Learning Lessons, Resources & Tech Tips

As more and more schools close to accommodate public health requirements, many teachers are feeling overwhelmed at a bit at a loss for how to teach art from home. I... Learn More

How to Teach Kids to use Colored Pencils | Earth Day Coloring Pages

Have you ever started a project using colored pencils where students rushed through their work and end up with scribbles instead of a nice, evenly colored space? If so, then... Learn More

3 Ways to Help Children Draw Big

Have you ever had a student draw an image so small that they can’t even fit the paint inside when they finish? Chances are, if you teach art to students,... Learn More

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