Working Through Mistakes- Art Made Easy 011

If you teach art to children, no doubt that you’ve come across a child who is unhappy with their work. Some children become rattled by a torn piece of paper... Learn More



How to Teach Art When You’re Not an Artist

Question. Did the answer come quickly or did you pause? You may think that in order to say Yes you must have had some sort of formal art training. Or at... Learn More

5 Painting Tips for the Young Artist

5 Tips for Painting with Kids You’ve all seen the amazing art projects on art teacher blogs and Pinterest. Inspiration and ideas are everywhere. But you may be wondering if you can... Learn More

Colorful Art Banners for your Art Room

I’ll admit it. My art room is looking pretty darn ugly. The walls are bare, stacks of paper are shoved against the walls and half-empty paint bottles are jammed onto open shelving. It’s... Learn More

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Favorite Posts of 2014

2014 has been a great year. That’s not to say that everything went swimmingly, but I crossed stuff off my bucket list and ended the year happy. This site has been a catalyst for... Learn More

What to do with Early Finishers

It’s funny how questions come in waves. I just received this question from a reader and within a week, I had two similar questions in my inbox. I guess there... Learn More

Painting Tips for Kinders and PreK

I have three Kinder classes this year with one of the classes being considered a Transitional Kinder combo. What does this mean? In California, Transitional Kinders are children who are... Learn More




Does your Paper Curl?

Curling paper is an annoyance in the art room, but can you prevent it? I don’t think you can eliminate it entirely, but choosing the right papers for your art... Learn More

My Adventures with Paper Mache

If there were a prize for the best art genre for kids, I’m pretty sure Paper Mache would get the votes. It’s a quintessential art project and most everybody remembers... Learn More


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