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Are you looking for ways to spruce up your art program? Move beyond traditional lesson plans with artist trading cards, a flipped classroom and QR codes.

Nic Hahn, author of the popular blog, Mini Matisse, shares how she transitioned to a choice-based art room, how she uses videos to flip her classroom plus she shares the art projects that have been the most successful with her students.



  • How working with different age groups gives you added perspective as a blogger
  • How Artist Trading Cards help the learning process for students
  • How her focus on Careers in Art has exposed the children to all sorts of possibilities
  • Why reflection in the art room is needed, and how Nic ties pop culture into the curriculum
  • Why she uses QR codes in her classroom
  • How questions she receives online leads the direction of her blog
  • How presenting the masters of art to her classes allowed Nic to grow as an artist herself


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Yuko Larson and Nic Hahn’s Trading Cards

Bit-O-Bios Art Biography

QR Codes Lesson Download

Careers in Art Sample Lesson

Download Careers in Art

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