Ceramic Elephant Art Lesson

These baby elephants are adorable. My third grade kids created them in the very same manner as the ceramic pigs, but instead of little ears and a snout, the children created... Learn More

Ceramic Piggies

It’s never to early to teach little children how to make a basic pinch pot because when they master one, they can make just about anything in ceramics. This little... Learn More

Ceramic Flower Dishes

While two of my Kinder classes (ages 5-6) created Ceramic Fish Dishes, my other Kinders created beautiful flower dishes. The children used the same steps to create their flower dishes... Learn More

Ceramic Fish Art Project

There is nothing more rewarding than manipulating a big slab of clay into a shiny piece of art. Despite ceramics requiring a great deal of prep, it’s really the most... Learn More

6th Grade Ceramic Mural

Five years ago, when my children’s elementary school did not have an art program, I persuaded the Principal to allow me to work with the 6th grade students to create... Learn More

Working through a Bad Clay Day…

Things had been going so well. Half the year over, successful lessons, sunny days and then…boom! Fifth grade clay day. Sound the drums! Fifth grade is a big grade level.... Learn More

Ceramic Mural Project Plan

Ceramic murals or clay projects are truly one of the most cherished of all creative keepsakes in elementary school. And for good reason. Those treasured plaques, handprints and pumpkins are... Learn More

Ceramic Leaf Bowls

I’ve always wanted to try these leaf bowls but was never really sure how to do them. Lori over at Fun Art for Kids provided the inspiration and the know-how.... Learn More

Ceramic Turkey Bowls

I search for as many clay project ideas as I can. For some reason, I need the security of knowing that another art teacher has tried the lesson and was... Learn More

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