Modigliani Portraits in Chalk pastel

Modigliani portraits have become an art room staple, thanks in no small part to Kathy over at Art Project for... View Article


The Primary Portrait Project: Chalk Pastel

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Chalk Rainforest Animals Art Video

CHALK RAINFOREST ANIMALS My fifth and sixth grade students have been working with chalk pastel recently. We’ve done tropical birds... View Article

Chalk Bird Art Project

Chalk pastels give the dramatic color intensity of tempera or acrylic paint with almost no prep time. Chalk gets a... View Article


Van Gogh Landscapes

Van Gogh’s “Wheat Fields with Cypresses” is one of my favorite paintings. There is a distinct separation between the foreground,... View Article


Big Fat Hen: Chalk and Oil Pastel Drawing

A trip to the library last fall yielded a plethora of art ideas. Keith Baker’s Big Fat Hen is filled... View Article


Eric Carle inspired Snowman Art Lesson

There is nothing cuter than a snowman, except a “kinder-created” snowman. Watching little fingers stick paper noses and top hats... View Article


Chalk Pastel Flowers for Sixth Grade

I teach my Chalk Pastel Flowers lesson every year. It’s fast; only takes 2 @ 55-minute sessions, reinforces blending skills... View Article


Planets and Galaxy Project for Fifth Grade

What you’ll need: 12″ x 18″ white drawing/sulphite paper (planets) Round plastic containers pencils and scissors Colored chalk pastel 12″... View Article