Romare Bearden Collage

Romare Bearden Art Lesson

Part of my grade 5 art curriculum is to introduce a collage art lesson. The concept of collage seems easy; placing and arranging layers of paper, paint and subjects on a piece of paper, but in truth, it is a hard concept to grasp. For children, the inherit action to place objects around the perimeter of the paper is still strong in fifth grade. Have you noticed this? Composition, therefore, … Read More →

Patterned Matryoshka Dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls are wooden nesting dolls originating from Russia. They are handcrafted by folk artists and often feature a woman wearing a traditional Russian dress and scarf. Many dolls seen today can carry many themes ranging from political leaders to cartoon characters. For my second grade students, these nesting dolls are the perfect vehicle for a lesson in line and pattern. Supplies 2 sheets of 12″ x 18″ white paper … Read More →

Paper Cut Molas

Paper cut mola

I’ve posted about Paper Molas before and because it’s such a fab project, I will post again. Recently I was at a friends home and noticed some newly framed artwork on her walls. They were authentic molas from Panama and Colombia. Molas are cloth panels that form part of a blouse for the Kuna women. They use a quilting technique called reverse appliqué. Because I used to be (and hope to be … Read More →

American Indian Art Lesson Plans


Learning how art impacts every culture and civilization in the world is an important part of any art curriculum. I remember learning about Canada’s native population in second grade. Making igloos from marshmallows and creating my own “Eskimo” paper doll remains my most vivid childhood art experience. The art hasn’t changed much, but the verbiage has. The National Museum of the American Indian was a tremendous help in sorting out commonly … Read More →



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