You Be You Watercolor Fish Art Project


Looking for an adorable art lesson that bridges literature and art? You Be You by Linda Kranz (author of Only One You) sets out to explore beauty in difference through a little rock fish named Adri. This 5 minute read will transition your little ones into an art activity that explores the use of oil pastels and liquid watercolors. You will Need: 12″ x 9″ 90-lb watercolor paper Liquid watercolors (blues and … Read More →

Repeat Fish Collage using Painted Paper

Painted paper fish collage art project

Updated on October 31, 2013: Enjoy this updated version of one of my favorite lessons…. Kids love painting paper. Place a piece of white paper and a few tubs of paint on a table and watch ‘em go at it. Pure joy. If you think Kinders love this technique, watch your fifth graders. They go all out. This is also a great lessons for teaching about patterns, design and repetition. … Read More →

Watercolor Resist Tropical Fish


Fish are easy to draw and the color opportunity is fantastic. My fifth grade students always do a few watercolor lessons and this year I wanted to use good old fashioned crayons as my resist tool. I have a variety of crayons: construction paper, glitter crayons and plain crayons. My students loved getting all variety and it left me wondering why I don’t use crayons more often. Drawing the fish … Read More →

Hooray for Fish Art Project

Hooray for Fish Art Project

If you haven’t seen Lucy Cousins’ Hooray for Fish! I encourage you to find it at your nearest bookstore. It is filled with vibrant colors, fast reading text and the most adorable fish you can imagine. My Kinders LOVED this book and the illustrations captured their imaginations. I began the lesson by reading the book and asking the children to think about what kind of fish they would like to draw. After … Read More →

Cardboard Fish Project


This art project was a huge success with my Kinder students. If the project looks familiar, that’s because it is! We created our cardboard owls and fish before but this time, my Kinders created a cool habitat for their little abstract friends.  Making the fish To start, we followed the same instructions for making the cardboard fish but this time we added a bright pink or turquoise background. I happen … Read More →

Cardboard Fish and Owl Art Project


If you have some extra corrugated cardboard and a few bored kids, try creating these abstract fish and owls. I won’t lie. It took a while to cut out 65 fish and owl shapes plus the notches and mouth openings, but my Kinder students loved creating this cute project. Very hands-on, creative and fun. Kinder Fish and Owls!  

I Can Draw & Paint Art Lesson Plans


I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again; don’t underestimate Kinders. Yes, they can be a tad bit rambunctious at times but reign them in and you have an eager audience. I love teaching this grade level. When the line of twenty tiny bodies walk through my door in September, the reason I teach art comes with them. They love art. They will soak up everything you tell them. … Read More →