Perfect Timing: Managing your Art Class

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It’s the question everyone wonders about. How do you teach an art lesson so every child finishes at the same time? Can it be done? Not really, but you can create a classroom so that everyone is working. Children process information at different rates and children work at different speeds. This is true for adults and so it must be true for children. Intellectually we know this yet we still yearn for … Read More →

Teaching Art From a Cart

How to organize art supplies and pick the right lessons when teaching art from a cart. Lesson planning tips from Deep Space Sparkle

There are no words more terrifying to hear for an art teacher than, “You will be teaching from a cart.” This is pretty much what happened to this reader: While I don’t teach art via a cart now, I do have a bit of experience from my early days of teaching. Basically, when you are a visitor or guest in a classroom, you don’t have a lot of control over your … Read More →

Art Posters from DSS


  I’ve been admiring the most amazing art room photos on the Art Teacher’s Facebook Group I belong to. I love seeing how art teachers utilize the space they have for art instruction. My space is dismal by comparison. It’s not an art room but a classroom converted for art two days a week. That’s a bit of an excuse because even if I was given an amazing art space, … Read More →

Art-Inspired Pinterest Boards to Follow


I love taking a few moments here and there to dip into the deep pool of creativity that is available to us on Pinterest.  Occasionally, I’ll devote some time to discovering new pinners instead of staying within my feed. It’s so worth the effort! Here are a few pinners and boards that I love to follow: ARTFUL KIDS is an online store in the UK that features artsy-inspired toys and art for kids.This … Read More →



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