Patty Palmer and art rules for art teachers

10 Rules for Art Teachers: AME 099



Do you have a mantra that you live by each day?

As creatives, we often gravitate towards specific sayings or guideposts. And in Mary’s case, she adopts her own.

Mary Crowlie taught in a classroom for 20 years before changing paths and becoming the art teacher for 800 children in grades 1st-5th.

This was her realization of nabbing her dream job. But it was more challenging than she expected. To keep her spirits and energy up, Mary adopted a mantra that she uses to both inspire, humor and keep her radiant outlook.

I love this episode because it shines a light on an educators who is truly making a difference, yet mostly go unheard or acknowledged.  Her positive energy and years of experience really shine through in our conversation. It feels as though we were sitting across from one with a glass of Rosé!

Mary is a member of our Sparkler’s Club and was featured in July’s SPARKLE magazine. As a guest Sparkler on Art Made Easy, Mary selected a few questions to ask me. We chat about our art philosophies, the evolution of Deep Space Sparkle, what inspires our lesson plans, and art philosophies.


  • Why Mary believes we can all do it all!
  •  Some of the biggest challenges she had when beginning her career as an Art Specialist 
  • Why teachers and other professionals are starting to see the need for integrated art
  • Mary’s rules when it comes to creating art
  • What “Product Versus Product” means to Mary




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The Sparkler’s Club Waitlist

Patty’s video that details the evolution DSS

Immaculate Heart Art Department Rules

You can visit Patty through Deep Space Sparkle on Facebook and Instagram




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  • Linda Tvedt

    This is a terrific episode of Art Made Easy! Love you both!!

  • Michele

    I am super excited to start my journey of teaching Art after 36 years in the elementary classroom! This podcast was so inspiring for me Thank you so much. I look forward to becoming a Sparkler and sharing the joy of creating art with all my students.

    • Patty

      So happy it was inspiring! That’s our goal:)

  • Chris

    Amazing episode. I’ve listened to this podcast several times and keep getting more out of it. Thanks to Mary and Patty for this discussion about the joys and challenges of teaching art. Feeling inspired.

  • Karen

    Thank you for this interview! I really enjoyed this interview and felt a real connection to your “Sparkler”, Mary, because I too was a classroom teacher and I am now on my second year of teaching Art with 600 students. I have shared the same doubts and passions as Mary and it was so validating to hear her similar struggles and answers to the process vs. product, and your thoughts about the “Artist” teacher. THANK you and Mary for sharing your enthusiasm!

  • Lisa

    Loved listening to this just now! I was one of those early seekers of Patty’s art lessons before the official DSS site and membership. I remember seeing her genius on Pinterest and trying to find more of her lessons. Thank you for all you do for all of us. And yes, I have my weekends back to enjoy as well, being a Gold Star Member tells that story of how much DSS enhances and empowers my art program in a very time efficient way!

  • cmkinderteacher

    That was inspiring!

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