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De-Mystifying Art Standards

There are few words that cause art teachers more stress than the word “standards”. Okay, maybe after the past year, “virtual” and “hybrid” might be up there, too – but... Learn More

How to Create Easy Watercolor Resist Flowers

These bold, colorful flowers are sure to brighten your day! This lesson is a mash up of two projects from my book, Draw, Paint, Sparkle; Van Gogh Flowers and Big,... Learn More



Alma Thomas: Painting a Rainbow

Here’s an activity that’s not only a perfect way to demonstrate brush control and paint mixing but get to know an amazing artist, Alma Thomas. I’ve used this technique many... Learn More

Careers in Art: Becoming a Graphic Designer

Giving children the chance to see different career opportunities in art is probably the most exciting thing an aspiring young artist can learn about. It gives creative children hope that... Learn More

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Great Art Picture Books for the Art Room

It takes a certain combination of illustrations and story to create a book that’s perfect for the art room. Art teachers have little time to spend on a lengthy picture... Learn More

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How to Teach Movement & Rhythm

If you’re looking for an easy approach to teaching kids art, there’s no better system than using the elements and principles of art. This is the fifth tutorial in our... Learn More

Draw, Paint, Sparkle Book Chat – How to Host Art Sessions in Your Home: AME 107

Today on AME, I’m continuing with my new series: The Draw, Paint, Sparkle Book Chat, where I read sections of my new book and give you extra insight to how... Learn More



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Spring Daffodils Art Project

SPRING DAFFODILS Neil and I recently moved to a new home in Santa Barbara. I noticed about a month ago that bright green sprouts were emerging near our driveway. I... Learn More



Dr. Seuss Day Art Activities

Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day in Deep Space Sparkle style with this easy-to-draw Cat in the Hat. Start with a pencil, eraser, black marker and a white piece of paper and... Learn More




Teaching from a Cart – Art Made Easy 017

Do you teach art from a cart? Or travel from school to school with your car packed with art supplies and resources? Today’s guest Heidi O’Hanley has spent most of... Learn More

My NAEA 2016 Debrief…

Did you miss attending the NAEA Conference this year? I almost did. Just two weeks before the event, I purchased my ticket after realizing that this might be the only chance... Learn More

Chalk Flowers Art Project – 2 Ways

Chalk is an underused art medium. Too dusty. Too messy. High maintenance. And spraying? Forget it. But with these chalk flowers… I say ignore the bad rap and go for it. Chalk pastels,... Learn More

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