How One Classroom Teacher Transitioned to her Dream Job as an Art Teacher with Denise Lediaev: AME 062



Former classroom teacher, Denise Lediaev, didn’t know how much she loved teaching art until she became a full-time art teacher in Adelaide, Australia. Listen to how Denise transitioned to this role with grace and enthusiasm. She is humbled to have a supportive school, loads of resources and an assistant but it’s her love of teaching art that truly makes her happy.


  • How Denise transitioned from a classroom teacher to an art teacher (and how she filled some big shoes in the process)
  • How teaching art in Australia is similar to teaching in the United States
  • The biggest challenge Denise has faced teaching art and how she is working towards a solution
  • Denise’s favorite types of art lessons and mediums she uses in the art room
  • The special considerations that teachers must be aware of before embarking on an Aboriginal project.




Inspired by Australian artist, Ken Done, children create a drawing of Sydney Harbour, including the famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge.

You can find this lesson inside the Sparklers Club, in the Art From Australia Bundle. The Sparklers’ Club has thousands of fully standardized lesson plans to make curriculum planning effortless. Join the waitlist for the Sparklers Club!


Tjanpi Desert Weavers Website & Facebook Page

Australian Artist Ken Done

Aboriginal Art Information

Sharing Cultures (How to)

The Desert Weavers that Denise loves!

Youtube video of Collecting Color. The book Denise uses as inspiration with her students.

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  • Elsa Clark

    I have been disappointed with the last five lessons you have offered for free. No specific technique or artist ;(.

    • Patty

      Thanks Elsa. Keep in mind that the lessons are free and generously provided by the guest. Not all the guests follow an exact formula. I’m so thankful that they came on the show and offered up their time and story. I think they are wonderful! If you want more detailed art lessons, I would highly recommend The Sparklers Membership…so many artists an techniques! You’d love it.

      • Blythe Welton

        Since I like to connect my art lessons to what’s going on in the classroom, I’ve enjoyed seeing art from around the world. These lessons work well when students are studying other cultures, especially if they may not have an opportunity to visit these beautiful countries.

        • Patty

          Thank you so much Blythe! I think so too and I’m so pleased you found some nuggets in these interviews.

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