How One Art Teacher Copes with Anxiety & Depression: AME 137



Felicia Merrick is a veteran classroom teacher of 22 years before becoming an art teacher. It’s a position she feels embodies all that she loves: creativity and children.

But a series of devastating losses lead to a debilitating battle with anxiety and depression. Through daily calming practices, the right medication, and a full self-help toolbox, Felicia is determined to manage anxiety.

She hopes that by sharing her story, other art teachers will earn to identify the trigger points and to find the necessary help.


– Felicia’s journey to become an art teacher

– How she deals with anxiety and the best tools available to help others do the same

– What effect influential people will have in your life

– Why it’s so important to say “goodbye” to challenging times in your life and career

– How Patty finds her calm and reenergizes




Felicia’s Autobiography:

Being the youngest child, I always wanted to be “the boss” and was given an opportunity in Kindergarten. I was determined to be a teacher. I became a 2nd grade teacher and did so for 22+ years. After graduating from SDSU, my husband (of 32 years this month) and I moved to Northern California to get a teaching job, because I refused to be a sub! I loved it! I felt alive. I was in control. I had it all going on. I did a job-share for 10 years with many fabulous teachers, (some questionable) while I had my 4 children…Teaching was my passion. I was right where I belonged! Unknowingly, my path led my family and I to relocate to Southern California.

For the past 5 years, I have been an ART teacher at the elementary level. This, amongst other roles I play, mom, sister to 8 other sisters and 8 brothers, friend, colleague, etc. I became an Art teacher! Who would’ve thunk? I guess I did! I didn’t even know it! As well as 2nd grade and ART, I have taught “Computer Coding” and “Health and Wellness” (both in which I am not formally trained). I am so thankful I have DSS as my go-to for art instruction and realtime art teacher support.

I have a loving God. I have a loving family, (both immediate and extended) that have supported me 100% thru this journey called life. I do know that this thing we call Art is more than just that. It is a healthy, healing boat to be on, and I am embarking on it “full steam ahead”! I do intend to “sail around the world” of art and share it with my students who have not had such an amazing path to follow, strong support, or a loving ocean to sail on. May I be a conduit to help these young humans recognize this through “this thing called ART” as I boss them around.


AME 136: Finding Your Voice as an Art Teacher with Cassie Stephens

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  • Melanie

    I suppose I was expecting to see only art related podcasts here.

    • Patty

      This is definitely art related…many art teachers struggle with the affects of anxiety. And I’m here to help them share their story. If you dig deep, you can find opportunities to identify who others (perhaps some of your co-workers and peers) suffer form stress and you can have some perspective. But, of course, not every podcast appeals to every one. So definitely scroll through the topics and I know you’ll find one that suits you. Thanks for having a listen.

  • Candace

    Teachers can get a free subscription to to Calm. I have and use it.

    • Kathy McDaniel

      Oh my! How do I request this? Thanks for the tip!

  • Linda Tvedt

    This was a great podcast! Loved it!

  • Kathy McDaniel

    Oh my! How do I request this? Thanks for the tip!

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