The Secret Benefits of Reading Aloud to your Children: AME 141



Janey Strong is the photographer, writer, mother and early literacy advocate behind Darling Readers. Her passion is finding unique ways to encourage parents read to their children – and children are never too young or old!

Janey shares strategies on what to read, when to read, and how to manage reluctant readers.

Make sure to download Janey’s Freebie on her favorite books to read before Kindergarten.


– When Janey started reading to her own children and why she says it’s something you should never stop doing

– What parallels exist between teaching art to children and reading to them

– How reading can be used as a tool to bond with your children

– Why you need to be 100% present when reading with them

– Janey’s top book recommendations and how the children’s books of today are different than ones from earlier years

– What makes for an amazing children’s book, how Janey’s blog is helping so many people, and so much more!



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  • Heike Rael

    Beautiful podcast Patty and Mary! Books and art are my two favourite things as well. The kids that say I don’t like are or I don’t like book usually have just not been introduced to the right book or medium. In both areas exploration and choice making are so important. I agree with both of you the earlier the better. I started reading to my boy while he was in the whom and having worked in a preschool classroom children talked to him all the time. As soon as he could sit up he started to paint as well.
    The early years are so important and I am glad you have blog about reading. I will share it with my studio families.
    It saddens me to see how often children struggle with reading or just read because they have to.
    It is such a gift to read to and with your children.
    Mem Fox wrote Reading Magic, a book every parent and expecting parent should read.

    Thanks for your wonderful podcast Patty

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