Art Made Easy #014 From Blog to Book with Craftwhack author, Jeanette Nyberg

From Blog to Book- Art Made Easy 014




Jeanette Nyberg, author of the popular art blog Craftwhack and former professional artist, traded in her paintbrushes for a keyboard after the birth of her kids. Discovering that her love of kid’s art was just as passionate as her former painting days, Jeanette started a blog that changed, transformed and ultimately lead her to her first book deal.

In this episode, Jeanette shares her struggles with blogging and how she reigned in her focus that resulted in the publication of her first art book for kids and adults.










  • How doing art projects for kids rekindled Jeanette’s passion for art
  • That blogging is a “fine balance”
  • Why you should do what resonates with YOU!
  • Why people that teach art to children often make the best instructors for adults
  • Jeanette’s process for writing her first book
  • Collaborating with others can make a project more enjoyable
  • Her best drawing tips!



 SITS Girls (The Secret is in the Sauce Blog)

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast & website

Zentangles Website



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Take a look at Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids: A Silly Book for Creative and Visual Thinking

You can connect with Jeanette through her blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Art Made Easy #014 From Blog to Book with Craftwhack author, Jeanette Nyberg

Now it’s YOUR turn…

I’d love to hear from you. In the comment section below, tell me what YOUR biggest struggle has been–in the classroom or in your blog–I’d love to hear what you struggle with.

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  • Jeanette Nyberg

    Patty. It was so so so much fun talking with you, and comparing art thoughts! Thanks for the great interview and I so hope we can chat again soon.

  • Lucy Jennings

    I’ve changed the direction of my blog three times, and sometimes feel like I’m too scattered. Your talk with Jeanette made me feel right at home here!

    I’m in the process of a change right now. When I ran my idea of a name by my blogging group, who are not creatives, they just sat there looking blank. They helped me come up with other ideas, but none of them seemed to fit my purpose, and still be fun. I recently joined a new support group, and when I asked them what they thought of the names I had in mind, they made perfect sense to them. I thought, well, if I’m trying to get the attention of creative people, then I shouldn’t be so worried if the whole world understands my name.

    I’ve always looked to your blog for inspiration, and I kept thinking I’d like a fun name like Deep Space Sparkle. I almost used Sunny Moonbeams, but that was a bit too much. Frank Zappa might have liked it. 🙂

    I loved listening to how Jeanette went through similar stages that I’m going through. And I love the name Craftwhack. It’s fun!

    My new name is The Creativity Patch. It’s not the exact name I wanted, all of my favorites were taken… but I like it, and it’s time to get on with things!

    I love your podcast, and even though I don’t teach art in the classroom, I get lots of inspiration, just like I do from your blog. Thanks, Patty!


    I just started a blog, for fun and adventure, and will have to listen. April 2016? Where did the time go?? I always enjoy you podcasts, Patty, -Thanks!

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