Art Around the World China AME 057

Art Stories From Around the World – China: AME 057



Art Around the World: Teaching Art in China AME 057

I’m so excited to kick off our summer podcast series, Art Stories from Around the World! After starting Deep Space Sparkle’s membership program last year, I couldn’t help but marvel at what global sharing community we created. We have members from every corner of the globe…Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, France, UK, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India….it goes on and on.

What we all notice and appreciate is that we share the same passion. And it is surprising how similar our struggles are. Whether you’re teaching around a kitchen table in Wisconsin or at an International School in Wuhan, we can all relate to the joys and struggles of being an art teacher.

Lexi Conrad kicks off our summer art series, Art Stories from Around the World by sharing her experiences while teaching art in China.

I have always wondered how creativity is taught in China. Do schools embrace art in the same way as we do in America? Is the art focused on realism or rote mechanics? How do the children behave? is classroom management a big deal like it is here? So many questions!

Lexi was so kind to walk us through what it’s like teaching to her group of international students. She shares what the differences are between private and public schools and the surprising differences in how the Chinese people view art.

Make sure to download the Chinese Clay Bells art project that Lexi created for you! Scroll down for the download button.


  • How the amazing art experiences Lexi herself had at a young age influenced her own teaching style
  • What effects censorship and cultural differences have teaching art in China
  • How the Chinese community at large embraces art
  • What can happen when you have access to beautiful art supplies
  • Lexi’s favorite projects and how she’s introduced art to her colleagues in China




DOWNLOAD a free Chinese Clay Bells lesson plan from Deep Space Sparkle

Lexi created this clay art project to represent the historical significance of bells in the town of Wuhan, China.  To access this free art project, just click on the blue button below.

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Next time on Art Stories from Around the World…San Asad from Bahrain shares what it’s like growing up in Pakistan, going to design school in a time when art wasn’t considered a career and ultimately teaching art in her home.

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  • Chiska

    I’m excited about this! I’ve got it in my Chinese New Year file, but may have to use it before then. Thank you!

    • Patty

      You’re welcome!

  • jkemmady@hotmail.com

    I really enjoyed this podcast. It was so interesting! I’m looking forward to the rest of the podcasts in this series.

  • chandi

    Lovely. I do a unit in the summer, called :” All the world is my friend”. It has singing, dancing and art. Thank you for getting me started on some new ideas.

  • Jim Fallgatter

    Hi, I have a relative in Brazil that has been teaching art to elementary aged children for years. She came upon your website and is interested in what approaches are used by teachers teaching in a language other than English. That is…do you allow translations of your product. Do you license your products?? Better stated…how can a Brazilian art teacher best optimize the use of your products?

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