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Have you ever felt defeated when teachers receive more recognition than you? Do you wonder how others get more followers on social media or why some speaker’s sessions are packed?

If you ever felt that awful feeling of comparing yourself to others, this episode is for you. I share my business journey from when I started my blog to how I ended up in a mastermind that launched my full-time business. And believe me, I fell into the comparison trap plenty of times!

It’s not always easy to avoid comparing yourself to others, especially in this online world, but my three tips will get you thinking about how to reframe your thinking.


  • How comparison with others has changed since technology has developed
  • How most people will choose their best work to show others
  • How Facebook groups have taken the place of blogs
  • Why you need to be mindful of what you are comparing yourself against
  • Be confident and learn as you grow and be clear on your business culture
  • Why reflection is an important component of defining your success
  • Why you need to constantly improve yourself by learning new skills
  • How a mastermind group transformed Patty’s business
  • Why you don’t have to utilize every social media platform that’s available


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Cassie Stephens

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  • heikerael@gmail.com

    Thank you for always sharing your experiences Patty. I have followed you since the beginning and appreciate what you have done,continue to do and your never ending energy to always improve what you do. You are a learner and that’s what makes you stand out! Thank you for that :)You have been and continue to be a wonderful resource.
    I think the comparison trap is always around but I think if you are aware of it you can learn from why something makes you feel like this. I agree with you reflecting is a big key that should become a habit.
    The internet for sure can become very overwhelming but I also belief it is a wonderful resource if used correctly.
    I have learned to be mindful on how I spend my time on the net and instead spend more time on learning new skills and keeping a positive MINDSET.

  • Ashley

    I absolutely loved this! No apologies because this was excellent and very helpful. I like how you said stick to the platforms your great at and like. Youtube is mine with CreatefulArt and CreatefulKids but I have had such a hard time with Facebook and Facebook live. I think I will still give it a try but if I hate it I don’t have to do it 🙂 That was relieving to hear that you had a hard time with youtube and it hasn’t hurt you to walk away from it.

    Thank you for this episode and for all your hard work!

    • Patty

      Thanks Ashley! It’s so true…focus on one or two SM platforms that work for you and do your best. Thanks for listening all the way to the end!

  • mandmgiff@sbcglobal.net

    Thank you for another great episode. I enjoy your interviews, but I always prefer just hearing you share from your heart. This episode was very timely for me. I ended this last Friday feeling completely defeated after a disappointing art project. I’ve taught this project before with great success, and I am still trying to recover from my frustration that this year’s lesson went so differently. I realize that comparison is really at the root of my frustration. I am comparing these students to previous years, as well as comparing their projects to the the work of other students I’ve seen online. I really need to go back and reset my own intentions about doing art in the classroom. Thank you for the encouragement to get back in the arena and “dare greatly!”

  • Michelle Gifford

    BTW, the comment above is from Michelle Gifford! I didn’t know if would appear as my email!

  • Robin T.

    Dear Patty, Thank you, thank you, thank you for this episode.
    How did you know what I was feeling? Did you see my heart break last week? Were you there when the teacher wrote me an email saying I had offended her race by a certain hand gesture I used to help the students remember an artist’s name? Were you in my head as I relived every lesson I had ever taught thinking that I had hurt or offended another person unintentionally? You must have seen my tears I cried devastated by the wound one email made to my teaching style. I am actually welling with tears again as I write this. Because NEVER in a million years would we art teachers do or say something to purposely offend anyone, Every day we put ourselves out there to be judged and critiqued by our short 40 minutes to engage a classroom of students ,teach an artist , create a project and have those kids walk away with a morsel of understanding and confidence in their abilities.
    I was so wounded by this email, I complelty shriveled up, I didn’t even want to teach the next day. I immediately began thinking that every teacher must feel that way and everyone must be talking about me in thebstaff lounge.
    My principal had even say I’m on my lesson the day before and never mentioned anything but praise for my class, but do you think I thought about that? Nope.. I focused on that one negative, I blew it up so big, it became this huge Monster seeking to destroy my charisma, enthusiasm, energy and passion I have.
    Thank you for being ” real ” with us. My favorite things you have ever posted were your failures, because it reminded me that you are not super human either. We tend to put others on a pedestal, thinking they could not relate to what disasters we have to juggle in our daily teaching lives.
    Thank you for always being so raw, real and true.
    I’ve been teaching as long as youanndhave foloowed you from the beginning. I feel as if we are deepened, thy is because you shine so brightly you allow others to glean off your art light. Th j you from the bottom of my heart for this episode.
    Hugs, Robin

    • Patty

      I know how much this particular incident affected you. I’m glad you are past it. It’s all learning experience, right? You’re awesome, Miss Robin 🙂

  • Robin T

    Please forgive all my typos in my message, I was typing in my phone and my eyes were pretty teary. ?

  • corbie199@gmail.com

    I really enjoyed this one, Patty. Thank you so much!

    Kristina Massey

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