Best Practices for Acrylic Paints: AME 091



Today I’m talking to acrylic artist Anna Bartlett about all things acrylic paints, art studios, paint parties and how to make the easiest sketch books ever. Anna is an artist from Queensland, Australia and the owner of Shiny Happy Art. We met through Instagram and instantly connected over our shared love of bright colors and happy art.

Anna shares her journey of transitioning from an accountant to art studio owner and how she positions her business as a premium service. For anyone who struggles with charging enough to run a profitable business, Anna’s thought process just might convince you to start charging what you’re worth.

Anna is a presenter at our online summer workshop, Draw, Paint, Make. To learn more, click the link in the show notes down below.


– How Anna started her own art business and evolved it into a successful career

– How Anna uses positivity and The Law of Attraction to help shape her business to what it is today

– The importance of choosing whether to become a premium product

– The benefits of using good quality acrylic paints with your students

– What strategies Anna uses with her scrapbooks and notebooks



In the show, Anna shows me the sketchbooks she uses to map out certain projects. While I couldn’t find the same sketchbooks or plastic covers in the United States (I believe they are only available in the UK and Australia), you can make a similar scrapbook.

I was so excited to use this inexpensive type of scrapbook for my own personal use, that I created my own. Simply take 8-10 12″ x 18″ sheets of white sulphite paper and fold in half. Make the crease strong by running a ruler along the fold line. Using a long arm stapler, staple the pieces of paper together at the crease.

Use Gesso to paint the front and back cover. this make the cover strong and feels like a real sketchbook. I’m using my hand-made sketchbook for Anna’s 15 Flowers Acrylic painting class. I already completed the Sunflower and Lily and next up is the Daisy.

These are the acrylic paints Anna loves…


Save $40 using  the code DEEPSPACESPARKLE on the 15 Flowers e-course from 26 April – 30 June 2018

Shiny Happy Art Website

Shiny Happy Art Instagram

Shiny Happy Art YouTube

Golden Acrylic Paint

Crayola Acrylic Paint

Mont Marte Studio Acrylic Paint Set

Painting Party: Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Tempera vs. Acrylic Paint

Join Anna and other artists at the Draw, Paint, Make Art Workshop….click for more details Draw Paint Make Online Summer Workshop

You can visit Patty through Deep Space Sparkle on Facebook and Instagram




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  • Gina McMillen

    This podcast is not showing up at all on iTunes ?

  • Linda Tvedt

    Oh my, what a wonderful podcast! I managed to sign up for her ECOURSE, while I was in a medical waiting room, listened to the podcast driving home from medical appointment and made s new sketchbook when I got home! I sewed it instead if stapling, and put a coat of clear gesso on it! Very inspiring!

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