Watercolor Birds Art Lesson

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Old Bear: Leaf Print and Bear Painting

While looking through the library one afternoon, I stumbled across Kevin Henkes’s picture book, Old Bear. The illustrations inspired me... View Article


Line Drawing: Graphic Squares

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Tribal Masks Art Project for Fourth Grade

This lesson is adapted from a lesson in Dynamic Art Projects for Children by Denise Logan. It’s a great book... View Article


Terrific Toucans: Drawing and Painting Toucans for Fourth Grade

Aren’t these fantastic? I absolutely love how each toucan has it’s own personality. This is the yardstick I use to... View Article


Under-the-Sea Chalk and Glue Drawings

I discovered this lesson while browsing through the Artsonia site recently. Gulf Elementary in Cape Coral, Florida displayed this beautiful... View Article


Rainforest Art Lesson

The fourth graders took a creative journey to the Rainforest and learned how to draw many rainforest inhabitants. We studied... View Article


Paper Self-Portraits for Third Grade

The paper portrait is yet another fun and easy way to create portraits for your students. Although this project is... View Article