Princess and the Pea Art Lesson

Here is a great lesson that uses oil pastels/crayons and watercolor for a classic resist lesson. Very easy to draw,... View Article




Birch Trees Art Lesson

This is an easy art project that you can do with any aged child. Birch trees offer a dynamic contrast... View Article

Hundertwasser Watercolor Art Project

Here is an easy art project that takes minutes to complete. After studying Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and creating a colorful collage,... View Article


James Rizzi Birds Art Lesson

Artist James Rizzi has been providing my art students with fabulous inspiration this Fall. After finishing another James Rizzi art... View Article

Paper Zebra Art Project

I love zebras. From an art teacher’s point of view, zebras are a sure thing for an art lesson. Doesn’t... View Article


American Indian Art Lesson Plans

Learning how art impacts every culture and civilization in the world is an important part of any art curriculum. I... View Article


Robot Line Drawing

Line drawings are a wonderful way to express creativity. No matter what the subject, you are always assured of a... View Article




Sailboat Monotype Art Lesson

I have an artist friend, Karyn Walsh, who specializes in monotypes. Our kids used to sail together in Santa Barbara... View Article


Mexican Art Unit: Sombrero & Poncho Art Project

MEXICAN ART UNIT: SOMBRERO & PONCHO My third grade classes are a creative and energetic bunch. They have a hard... View Article