What to do with Early Finishers

It’s funny how questions come in waves. I just received this question from a reader and within a week, I had two similar questions in my inbox. I guess there... Learn More

Watercolor Techniques: a 6th grade experiment

WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUES: A 6th GRADE EXPERIMENT Building up to my sixth grade student’s big unit on watercolors, I wanted to remind them of the various ways in which they can... Learn More




Smart Classroom Management Interview

CLASSROOM  MANAGEMENT TIPS & STRATEGIES  We all long for the ultimate art room experience: a classroom full of respectful students and hitting the sweet spot between artistic expression and a controlled... Learn More

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Creating a Rainbow-Video

A reader asked me how to mix paints the way I do for my art lessons. She asked for a recipe, but I’m afraid to say there really isn’t one.... Learn More

Does your Paper Curl?

Curling paper is an annoyance in the art room, but can you prevent it? I don’t think you can eliminate it entirely, but choosing the right papers for your art... Learn More

My Adventures with Paper Mache

If there were a prize for the best art genre for kids, I’m pretty sure Paper Mache would get the votes. It’s a quintessential art project and most everybody remembers... Learn More


To Spray or Not To Spray…chalk pastels

SPRAYING CHALK PASTELS Chalk pastels are one of my favorite products to use in the art room. They allow a child to lay down a lovely layer of color with... Learn More

Crying in the Art Room

There is no worse experience for an art teacher than when a child cries during art class. We’ve all been the witness to crumpled paper, crayon throwing and plain old... Learn More

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Best and Worst Lessons of 2012-13

Creating new lessons every year is my biggest motivator. I love taking a proven technique and finding another subject to tie it with. This is one of my favorite challenges... Learn More

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