The Organized Art Teacher: Art Made Easy 037




Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at your stacks of lesson plans and project ideas? Ever wondered how other art teachers store their lesson plans and samples? And what is the best way to store artwork?

Start the year off with an organized mindset by hearing how Patty organized her hundreds of lesson plans and stacks of student art.


  • Why it’s never too late to organize, regardless of what point in the year it is
  • How mindset plays a key role in successful organization
  • Why listening to how other art teachers do things is a good idea
  • Why identifying your organizational style is the first step to take
  • How different themes can be organized and used later as reference tools
  • What my criteria for throwing things out involves
  • What you can do with teaching samples so that they can be used in the classroom
  • How to effectively divide your lessons on the masters
  • How (and why) organization is moving from binders to being done on computers
  • Why the first day of art class is the perfect time to make a student portfolio, and how do you make one?

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  • Lisa Burns

    Love this! Organization is key to teaching well in all subjects. I love incorporation your art ideas into other subjects. I’ll certainly take away ideas from this to help my teachers with classroom organization.

  • Beth

    Where do you then store all the subject 14 x 18″ envelopes? Too big for filing cabinet. I was thinking I would use a piece of 18X24″ poster board folded in half (i use these for student portfolios, duct taped on short sides-so its a pocket, color coded by class) to store my lesson categories in. My question is do you have any ideas then what I could store these “folder/pockets” in? Do they make plastic boxes 20″ wide with lids???

    • Patty

      I stored my folders in a box. I like to see my lessons and flipped through the folders so I don’t use filing cabinets. But whatever works for your organizational style is what you should strive for. 🙂

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